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May 22, 2007 12:39 PM

Itsi-bitsi or Cocoa Locale.....

I am making a trip to Montreal soon.........which would be best?????

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  1. Cocoa Locale, definitely! Itsy Bitsi has nothing extraordinary, the cupcakes taste like Betty Cricker mix and they're not the freshest. Cocoa has flavors that you might not expect but very delicious. Try their spicy brownies...
    Also, the owner is the nicest person, gives great service, which is always a plus.

      1. I've finally gave both Itsi-Bitsi and Cocoa Locale a try...For Itsi-Bitsi..its the classic cupcakes with a one varing flavor everyday. It was alright. Tried all the classics Chocolate, Vanilla, Vanilla-Coconut, and chocolate caramel one. Cake was not as fluffy as excepted...and frosting was ok. Nothing really special that I can't make at home. One thing is for sure they have cute packaging!

        At Cocoa Locale they had 3 flavors i'd tired Lemon-Coconut, Vanilla and Choco chai. Tried all 3... After everybody rave review I had to go see for myself. I sincerly was disappointed. Cupcakes looked very good. Frosting is way too oily and sweet (I mean really sweet as a home baker I should know) And the cake part...was too oily as well....everytime I bit into the cake it was as if the mixture was not mix properly! I could almost taste small chunks of the cake (certainly not the coconut). Cake was not as fluffy The flavors of the cupcakes were a great idea...The only cupcake I really appreciated was the Choco-Chai....even then the chai doesn't stand out! Decoration wise on the cupcakes were really elegant and simplitic. On a high note the owner was really friendly!

        Maybe next time it will be better!

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        1. re: Cerise828

          I totally agree with you about Cocoa Locale. I tried them a few weeks ago; first bite was good but then the more I ate the less appealing they became. I finally gave up and chucked them. I often find that I don't agree with all the rave reviews given to some places from CHers (Schwartz's is another that comes to mind). I guess I march to my own drummer.

          1. re: hungryann

            I'm sure this is a taste preference thing. As a hug fan of cocoa locale, I have to disagree with the assessment of the cupcakes. The Icing is decadent, and the best thing about these cupcakes. If you like lemon, then the lemon-coconut cupcakes if the best you'll ever have (and I don''t usually like coconut!)

            Perhaps to try to help others make a decision: Cocoa Locale cupcakes are about decadence. The icing is rich, the cake is rich. The cupcakes are messy and crumble and leave icing everywhere, but if you want a decadent cupcake, this is yoru choice. Don't go in full, go in hungry, as the cupcake is very filling. And if you don't like sweet and rich, then this may not be your style. You may prefer one of her fruit based cakes (but then you have to buy a whole cake, not necessarily a bad thing).

            You'll have to decide on personal preferences! Not everyone likes cakes, some prefer tart fruit pies (I love everything! Vivre variety!)

            I would be very interested to know if cerise828 and hungryann have any other suggestions for cupcakes in the montreal area, I am always up for trying cupcakes...

            1. re: moh

              I'll second the good quality of Cocoa Locale, we went on Sunday at opening (we were actually 15 minutes early, didn't realize she opens at 12), and we had a coconut cupcake and a chocochai one, too, and they were both excellent.

        2. I wanted to try Cocoa Locale on Saturday, but when I got there there was a sign on the door that said "Sold Out" ... Is this even possible at a bakery? I mean, if they close at 5:00, shouldn't they keep putting out cupcakes until then?

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          1. re: nancyface

            Cocoa Locale is a one person operation (Reema Singh). Even though she could sell more, she limits her production for work/family balance and reasonable hours.

            1. re: Venusia

              So she basically does everything herself? I didn't know that.
              Does it always close fairly early? Seems like you'd need to go for breakfast if you want a selection...

              1. re: nancyface

                It is safe to say that if you want to have some options during the weekend, the earlier you go the better; if possible right after opening (noon? 11? can someone correct me?). She will run out around 2-3, and if it is a special holiday even earlier. This weekend we went there around 2 and all she had was a tarte tatin, a key lime pie and a few cookies/brownies.

                Weekdays are better, I have impromptu dropped by around 4:30 at some days and got a good selection; but you'll never know.

                1. re: emerilcantcook

                  She opens at noon. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

            2. re: nancyface

              I was there at 1 pm on Saturday, and there was almost nothing left at that time - thankfully, I'd already phoned ahead to reserve what I wanted. But Reema said that as a result of Mother's Day, it had been unbelievably busy, and even if she closed very early Saturday, she'd be spending the rest of the afternoon baking for today!

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