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May 22, 2007 11:57 AM

Cafe/Bar open late in Santa Barbara

I will be in SB over the weekend. Is there any cafe/bar on or close to State Street open late ?

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  1. Plenty ON state Street. SB is a College town! Just hit lower state and find one you like.

    I like the james Joyce. Not much food, though.

    For food and Beer, I like the Brewhouse. they're open to 12 on fridays and saturdays:

    1. Roy is just off of State St. (7 W. Carrillo St.) and serves food late.

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        I am not so much looking for food (we will eat at Bouchon and Wine Cask) but a nice place to relax after the dinner. I was quite often in SB over the last few years but never found a really good place for a nice late-night espresso.