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May 22, 2007 11:51 AM

Best Burger In Alameda?

Somewhere that does a very good rare- medium rare burger

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    1. McGees Bar and Grill on Park St

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      1. re: spicedude

        Has anybody tried Bip's Broiler?

        1. re: matt c

          New Zealander does a good burger - also a lamburger

          If there is a vote for Val's, how about one for Luka's? ; )

          1. re: foodeye

            I do love a Luka's burger. I'm jusdt running some errands in Alameda and was looking for suggestions. I enjoy McGee's, but it's all about their fried chicken and Drake's on tap!

      2. The New Zealander's burgers are awesome. You can really taste the difference between the high quality beef used and what you get in other burgers. Also, the atmosphere is pretty nice.