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May 22, 2007 11:51 AM

Best Southern Banana Pudding / Coconut Cake

Where to get it or great recipes please, thank you.

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  1. Please keep replies here about where to find these items in Manhattan.

    nbermas - you are welcome to post a recipe request on the Home Cooking board.


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    1. Not sure what exactly sets Southern Banana Pudding apart from regular banana pudding, but friends who are crazy about banana pudding swear by Magnolia Bakery's.

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        My friend doesn't like their cupcakes (neither do I) but adores the banana pudding at Magnolia's as well. She also likes Cafeteria.

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          Yep love the Magnolia's banana pudding!

        2. Try Wimps' on 125th St in Harlem. I haven't had the banana pudding but everything I have had has been great.

          1. I hear the pudding at Magnolia's is killer

            1. Copeland's on 145th is the best I've had anywhere. Yum!!