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May 22, 2007 10:28 AM

Best dessert in Long Beach??

Being a sugar addict myself, I thought I'd ask my fellow Chowhounders where they like to get the best dessert in Long Beach. From there, I will proceed to make my way around town and sample your suggestions (I feel it will be my duty). Be sure to name the place AND dessert!

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  1. The Bake & Broil, SW cnr 37th & Atlantic - the one I used to get was a chocolate / walnut pie, heated - w/ vanilla ice cream

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    1. re: So Ho La

      Bake & Broil's pies and pastries are all great. Love the red velvet cupcakes.

      But when it's around Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Holiday Lush pie is the best. Their Summer Lush pie is also very good.

      1. re: Evan G

        oh, now youre talking! Bake N' Broil is amazing. My all time favorite is Lemon Lush Pie, Red Velvet cake with the cream cheese frosting, and the Coconut Pinapple cake is equally amazing.

      2. re: So Ho La

        i dont know. what about the fresh boysenberry? or the butterscotch cream? red velvet cake? no, the carrot! no, the german chocolate!

        1. re: So Ho La

          I wholeheartedly agree - pie at Bake & Broil is the best!!

        2. Benley's buttermilk panna cotta with key lime anglaise.

          Adding to the pie suggestions, Polly's for fresh Ollallieberry pie (very seasonal) as well as any other seasonal fresh fruit pies.

          Hof's Hot also for fresh peach pie (individual) in a shortbread type crust.

          1. I you haven't tried Creative Cakery on PCH and 2nd St next to Trader Joes then your missing out. When we have a birthday in our family thats where we go. They also sell individual size too. Try the Choc w/ cream frosting.

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            1. re: Twin

              Hmm...Ive never had anything from Creative Cakery. I will definitely have to try!

            2. Oh, I forgot to mention the Romeo et Juliet crepe from Le Creperie on 2nd st. My favorite with Nutella, strawberries, bannanas, and whipped cream!