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May 22, 2007 10:00 AM

Recommendations Peninsula Anniversary Dinner

I'm looking for a good restaurant in the Peninsula area (Palo Alto, Redwood City) or even South Bay for an anniversary dinner. Great food, not horribly expensive. ($20 average for an entree)


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  1. Check out the Village Pub in Woodside

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      Village Pub used to be epic haven't heard great things lately. Divino in Belmont has some excellent pastas and Sand Dabs.

    2. Tamarine in Palo Alto is wonderful Vietnamese food. Elegant but not pretentious- although may be a bit pricer than you suggest. Mandaloun in Redwood City is also quite nice. John Bentley's in Redwood City used to be a favorite although the last few times we dined there is was a little underwhelming. I still love Carpaccio in Menlo Park for great Italian.

      1. i recently went to portobello grill in redwood city that opened up about a month ago... i did a google search, and this came up... hahah

        i wasn't that hungry because i had eaten already, but i ordered some appetizers.. i think i had the teriyaki beef and shrimp on a skewer, and potato pancakes... i'm sorry i forgot... my SO had the stuffed chicken...

        i didn't find the wine list to be too impressive... but i chalk it up to being new...

        i liked the atmosphere, you can eat outside if you want and i believe the weather has been gorgeous lately...

        the food was pretty good... it wasn't the best, but considering where it was, what's around it, and the prices, i was pleasantly surprised. there were little details too that made the evening really enjoyable... =


        i was actually looking for an opportunity to post about this on here, but i keep forgetting.. =)

        happy anniversary =)


          I haven't been here in a long time, but here's where I would want to go for my special occasion if it's down that way. I'm sure there are many other comparable restaurants though.

          1. Central Park Bistro in San Mateo is nice and in your price range.