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May 22, 2007 10:00 AM

a nacho review- long

Like many of you who love food, there is a food I am genuinely addicted to...nachos. I cannot help myself. If I go to a restaurant and there are nachos on the menu, I have to order them.

That being the case I believe I have had nachos at more places in the GTA than any other human being. I have also tried to hit as many places as I can that have been mentioned on the board as having great nachos.

I have decided to run through a few and relay some thoughts. This list is incomplete as I have yet to go through them all, but I will keep going;

1) Sneaky Dees-I know alot has been written and it seems from reading the posts you either love em or hate em, I think they are very good but also very heavy, Usually i have to get them to go, and they seem quite adept at doing that. The restaurant is probably the best at packaging up nachos and treating them almost like pizza, given the variety and quantity of toppings that can be chosen. The toppings are very plentiful and fresh-check out the whole mushrooms, also very cheesy-grade -B+

2)Hernandos Hideaway--very good California style-not piled high, but more of a single layer. The chips are well covered with toppings and cheese and the different salsas you get on the side are interesting. The main objection here is the chips themselves. They sometimes appear too thick and almost stale. I don't know if they make their own or not. All in all a good experience-grade -B+

3)The Keg-the two establishments mentioned above make some attempt to be somewhat "south of the border". The keg nachos are just straight glorious bar food and sometimes that is way more than enough. They include plenty of toppings and cheese-with guac. and salsa on the side. They are very good. Interestingly alot of places that serve bar food nachos don't put salsa directly on the chips, which keeps them crispy. I actually think I prefer them this way. In any case these are very tasty-grade A-

4)The Lone Star-legend has it that some guy named Nacho started serving them as snacks in his bar in Texas, So realisically nachos are really not Mexican food but bar food from Texas. Tex-mex nachos seem to be different from other types in that each chip is individually covered with a layer of re-fried beans cheese and then a topping. Lone Star serves them this way. If you like them like this then these are very good. My kids for instance prefer the piled high type of nachos and don't particularly like these. Having travelled a great deal to that area of the US I have learned to like them alot-grade B+

5)Mitzi's Sister-Very good bar food nachos-lots of chips and toppings and the cheese is layered throughout the dish so you don't run out-grade B+

6)The Red Tomato-here we enter the realm of nachos as almost gourmet food. The chicken on these nachos is very well seasoned and it is presented well and tastes almost shi-shi. It has a certain style -grade-A

7)Philthy Mcnasty's-they totally sucked me in with that picture on their website, but then we went and ordered and they were....meh, There seemed to be enough toppings but the whole thing kind of tasted cheap and watery, for lack of a better term.They did not have alot of taste -grade-C

8)Montana's-actually pretty good-order them with extra cheese and if they decide to be ok with the portion they are worth it. The thing is at different Montanas they will sometimes not be very generous with the portion.It is a chain, but it does lap Philthys in terms of quality. Toppings are good and the beans are very tasty on the chips-grade-B(on a good day)

Okay-i could go on but I realize this is way too long already. I have been to several other establishments and in a week or so if anyone cares I can list a few more with thoughts,

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  1. this is great (i too loooove my nachos). Some recent good nacho finds of mine aside from what you pointed out are: utopia, hot house cafe (uh i know, but the nachos are the best thing on the menu), jawny bakers in east york.. keep the reviews coming!!

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    1. re: hungryabbey

      stopped by hot house tonight for some nachos and THEY TOOK THEM OFF THE MENU! i was soo disapointed I almost walked out.. honestly, like it was the best thing going for them and I tried to make that as clear as possible to our server.

      1. re: hungryabbey

        What a bad move by HHC!! Their nacho's were probably the best I have ever had.

        1. re: callitasicit

          I know! Me too.. well, thats the last time I even consider going there

    2. The best nacho's I've had were at Stoney's Bar and Grill. Sadly it's changed owners and I'm not sure if they're still on the menu. They were also destroyed by Restaurant Make Over so I don't know.


      1. I've enjoyed the nachos at the Duke of York at Bedford & Prince Arthur. They come with cheese, sweet peppers, sour cream, salsa and you can add chili or guacamole. Nice and tasty washed down with a cold pint of Creemore!

        1. Thanks for this! Apart from some of the ones you mentioned above, I like the nachos at Hair of the Dog and The Foggy Dew... Where else have you tried? It would be great to know what you think.

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          1. re: tochipotle

            OMG-I think it would be easier to tell you where I have not been. Actually by doing this I have come to realize how pathetic I am...a slave to chips and cheese.

            In my next post I was going to cover Hair of the Dog and Utopia and hot house cafe (BTW hungryabbey you are right, the nachos are the best thing on the menu).

            Hair of the Dog has an interesting take with the fried flour chips but I kept thinking af a Taco Bell edible salad bowl.

            In any event tnanks for the feedback and I will post my take on six or seven others soon

            1. re: alfie

              I too am in love with nachos.

              I agree that the Keg's are really good.

              I think my favourite ones are at the Fox and the Fiddle at John and Adelaide.
              They have several varities including regular, chili and cheese, BLT and Greek. I am somewhat of a nacho purist so I haven't tried the BLT or Greek but they look interesting.

              1. re: paper_bag_princess

                hm, that sounds interesting too.. I was at Fionne MacCools downtown they had a nacho-like dish that instead of the chips it was waffle cut fries but with all the same toppings as nachos.. I really wish I ordered it because I saw someone else have it and it looked amazing..

          2. You speak of the "heavy" nachos at Sneaky Dee's, however my favourites there are the $6.95 basic ones with salsa roja and Monterey Jack. I think that they are a model of elegant simplicity and balance, the tastiest around-and that includes several Mexican restaurants I've tried.

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            1. re: bogie

              I agree with bogie about Sneaky Dee's. Sometime when I am at Sneaky Dee's people order the Kings Crown Nachos, which are heavy. But the plain ones are wonderful. And the vegetarian ones are ok too. I think Sneaky Dee's has the best nachos in the city. I like them far better than the Keg's which are hit and miss with me (I often find them dry/not enough cheese).
              Hernandoe's Hideaway nachos are great too--love the green hot sauce.

              Keep the Nacho review comings-they are amazing to read!

              1. re: mindyt

                I was seeing a band upstairs at Sneaky Dee's last weekend. Ordered some regular nachos to go on the way out. I meant to order the King's but accidentally ordered the regular. But they were sooo good! Was easier in the tummy than the King's...and there was tons of cheese. Very tasty basic nachos!

                The nachos at Hard Rock are some of the best I've ever had. Ask for extra cheese, fresh ingredients and very filling. The cheese and toppings were layered in the pile of chips with lots left over at the end for scooping and cheese paper peeling. They're overpriced like everything else there but tasty so can overlook the bill.

                On the other hand, I've had the worst nachos ever served in my entire life in Toronto at The Rainbow on Church St. They place is notorious for poor food, but was meeting friends there for beers and I was super hungry. Nachos are pretty hard to mess up, even when bad they're generally edible so figured it was a safe bet. What I was served were chips glopped with some sort of taco/sloppy joe meat thing that looked like it had come from a microwave bag thing.. There was also a huge glopping of sour cream that covered most of the chips and a little bit of cheese. I was very hungry so tried to eat this and couldn't.