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May 22, 2007 09:26 AM

Dinner at the Venetian & Wynn in Las Vegas

I'll be in Vegas this weekend and want to make dinner reservations at the Venetian and Wynn. Here are the places that I'm thinking of:

Venetian: Bouchon, B&B, or some place else?

Wynn: I've been to the SW Steakhouse before but want to try something new. Any suggestions? I'm not interested in Okada or Red 8. Thanks a bunch!

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  1. bartolotta at the wynn is fabulous. the chinese place is very good, esp the peking duck. and tableau was great for lunch. probably makes great dinner too. at venetian, bouchon is good for dinner (but not great). pinot brasserie is good too.

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      I ditto Bartolotta. Request a cabana outside.

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        Disagree about Bouchon not being great for dinner. Have eaten many dinners there - always wonderful although I will admit service can be spotty, but when it's "on", its a great experience.

      2. Not to be pessimistic, but have you endeavored to make reservations yet? Memorial Day is one of the busiest weekends in LV (probably 2d to only NYE) so you might want to secure your tables soon. I love Bouchon and would highly recommend it; I haven't eaten at B&B yet, so no idea. At the Wynn, another option is DB Bistro, but I would not do it and Bouchon b/c I think their menus are a bit too similar...

        1. Just ate at Tableau at the Venetian last was fantastic in everyway. Amazing service from the get go, great food, great atmosphere. I highly recommend!

          1. We always stay at the Wynn and we really enjoy Daniel Boulud Brasserie...had and outstanding meal and the water show was wild.
            Had mussels with fries and champagne at the bar at was good but I hear that this is the place to go for breakfast..
            Make resevations quickly..and have fun!

            1. On the subject of Vegas..a friend of mine who is an executive chef for one of the top high end supermarket chains in the country, couldn't say enough good things about Bouchon. He and his wife did spend $300 for dinner including a good bottle of wine.

              Now, who can throw out some good choices for seafood, steak and Italian in Sin City ? I am staying at Bellagio..and Prime is booked solid. I am going in three weeks..and even now, finding many of the top eateries have limited or no Friday/Saturday availabilities. Anyone have an opinion about Aqua Knox for Seafood? Bartollota's looks extremely expensive. Willing to spend $100-$125 per person, but would like to enjoy a decent bottle of vino with my meal, too. Thanks in advance for the help. Love Italian and need a great steak place for my buddy !

              "More is never enough"

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                circo at bellagio is excellent, and should fit your budget.

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                  I believe Barelotta's to be the best Italian/Seafood in the City. It really is amazing. Make a reservation to sit in a cabanna, order a nice bottle of Italian wine, the Ricotta Cheese Ravioli's and the Grilled Spiney Lobster and for dessert get the Pineapple carpaccio. Trust me on this, you can not go wrong.