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May 22, 2007 09:25 AM

Food, LAX Adjacent

I'm going to be down near LAX for a convention this weekend and may have need of lunch or dinner spots. Anything good? I'll have my car, so Inglewood, El Segundo and Hawthorne are doable. Anything further is probably better for another day.


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  1. We love Pann's for their chicken wings and patty melt (both in the top 2 or 3 versions in all of LA) and for the googie architecture, really nice wait staff and the classic 1950's & 1960's rock and roll music played at an acceptable level (and I hate too loud music while dining).

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      Truxton's - American Fare - reasonable prices, good services
      Paco's Taco's - Acapulco-ish Mexican Food
      Three Flames - Mongolian BBQ
      (all of these restaurants are on Manchester by the airport)

        1. re: tatertots

          for mongolian barbeque, in my opinion, big wok on sepulveda in manhattan beach is far superior to three flames. ( i don't like it when i've ordered an all-you-can-eat dinner, when the restaurant trys to limit the amount of tofu i eat. since i don't eat the meat nor poultry they put out, they should be happy that i'm eating the much less expensive tofu! big wok would NEVER get involved in what ingredients i choose nor in the proportions of those ingredients that i select.)

          i have had several good meals at taiko, japanese food and sushi on rosecrans.

          paco's tacos, imho, is not worth driving to: near them, though, i do like ayara thai cuisine.

      1. I would recommend two places.Truxton's American Bistro in Westchester. The place is excellent at very reasonable prices and close to the airport. The other is Petros in Manhatten Beach which is awesome but a bit more expensive.

        1. El Segundo has alot of places eat - my favorite is the Original Rinaldi's on Main St in downtown El Segundo - great sandwiches. Lots of newer places have opened up as well along the main thoroughfares in El Segundo. Check out this active thread...

          1. Ayara Thai is a great local Thai place, hidden around the corner from Truxton's. Fresh flavors --- I think it's very good. Just east of Sepulveda.

            6245 West 87th Street
            Westchester, California 90045


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              Thanks for the great suggestions everyone! I'll let you know if I am able to get to any of them.

            2. I recommend Porky's, which is about ten minutes east of the airport on Manchester, past La Brea in downtown Inglewood and just west before Prairie, the Forum or Hollywood Park. I had a fantastic pulled pork sandwich there, I want to try the ribs and brisket, and they also serve Golden Bird fried chicken.