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ballpark food

I'm taking my son to a Phillies game in July. Does your park have anything better than what we have at Shea?

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  1. Having not been to a game in Shea for years, I can't comment so much from a comparison perspective, but there are a number of good food options at Citizen's Bank Park. In the outfield, there is a Tony Luke's for your cheesesteak and/or roast pork fix. There is also a Rick's Steaks outpost in right field along with Bull's BBQ (not great but certainly satisfactory for ballpark bbq). Tony Luke's is your best bet food-wise but be sure to get there early or be prepared to wait for at least an inning.

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      Better yet - stop at Tony Lukes and bring your food in. Its on Oregon Ave, about a mile from the stadium - right off I-95. I have been a season ticket holder for 20+ years and I have yet to eat anything in this park (or its predecessor) that is worth the $$ you have to pay.

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        Thanks. That sounds like a better idea.

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        I'm intrigued. What, pray tell, are crab fries?

      2. Agree with Chickie and Pete's crab fries, they are fries with old bay-like seasoning and come with an addictive white cheese dip. Tony Luke's is good for the ball park and easier to get at the stadium for the extra couple bucks if you're from out of town. Haven't tried Planet Hoagie's new chicken cutlet with sharp provolone and spinach, or is it broccoli rabb? Also, if you want to try a few of our local brews such as Dog Fish Head 60 Minute IPA and Troegs they are available as well. Could also try a Schmiter if you like, it's a behemoth of a sandwich that I have yet to eat so I can't comment on the quality. We were voted best eats in the Leagues so maybe others can weigh in on some of the newer offerings. Go Phils!!

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          I just don't get all the hype over the C&P crab fries. Is it because I'm originally from Maryland? They are not even good handcut french fries! just simple regular fries with an old bay type of seasoning. Don't get why people pay so much for these....I put old bay on so much at home, including homemade potatoes, and so much better IMO.

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            I agree. They are just soggy, salty-as-hell, crinkle cut fries with old bay. But some people like 'em a lot. Also, I'd skip Bull's BBQ unless you like cold, soggy BBQ soaking through the roll.

        2. There is a Tony Luke's inside the stadium at Ashburn Alley, with a truncated but still dynamite menu. Their roast pork, broccoli di rabe and sharp provolone will put hair on the young man's chest. Try to get to the park a half hour early, or prepare to wai in line for an inning or more. Bull's BBQ is a worthy choice also. The Schmitter is not worth the toll it takes on my arteries.

          1. I sat in section 325 seat 16 this past Saturday and (beer wise) had access to:
            Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (bottles) $6.25
            Anchor Steam (bottles) $6.25
            Victory Hop Devil (bottles) $6.25
            Flying Fish XPA (draft) $6.50

            To TonyJLive: Where in the ballpark are the DogFish Head and Troegs?

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              Had the Troegs Pilsner (on tap) last Friday at the game. Lower level concourse on the third base side. You can also find Yards Phils Pale Ale, Victory Hop Devil, and a few others on tap.

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                I haven't been to a game this year unfortunately, but here is a link, not sure if it helps at all.

              2. Id agree with what others are saying. I'd advise driving by the Tony Luke's on 39 east Oregon Ave. Often times it is jam packed before a game but if it's not you can stop there and have access to their full menu (which includes items not available at the Tony Luke's at the park). If it is too crowded, you can go to the Tony Luke's at the park and have your choice of roast pork or a cheese steak. At the park you can also choose from Rick's steaks, Bulls BBQ, or Planet Hoagie. Of those, I think Tony Luke's is the best and I would say Bulls BBQ is the second best.

                If you are going to an afternoon game, you could stop at John's Roast pork on Snyder Ave. But, John's is only open until 3pm daily and until about 3:30pm on Saturdays. So, that would only be an option if you are going to an afternoon game.

                Good luck and enjoy the Phillies game.

                1. For what it's worth, the Food Network rated CBP as having "Best Ballpark Eats" in the Majors. But I don't know how much I'd trust them given that the Food Network is also partially responsible for Rachel Ray. Seriously though, food and beer options are great. Give a Schmitter from McNally's a try. Not as good as the Chestnut Hill original, but for ballpark eats it's stellar. Make sure you wash it down with a locally brewed beer. You certainly won't find that at Shea.

                  So, as long as you have a Schmitter or maybe a roast pork Italian from Tony Lukes, and you stay out of my section (102) you should have a fantastic time. ;)

                  Go Phils!

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                    I love these suggestions of going to the real Tony Luke's before the game - what does the stadium NOT have that you can get on Oregon Ave?

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                      The stadium Tony Luke's serves roast pork and cheese steaks only. The Tony Luke's on Oregon avenue has chicken cheesteaks, roast beef, chicken cutlet sandwiches, cheeseburgers, veal cutlet sandwiches and hoagies as well as other sandwiches. You can see their full menu on their website at tonylukes.com

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                          And Tony Luke's chicken cutlet Italian (cutlet, rabe, sharp provolone) is also, along with the rost pork italian, a better Philly sandwich than the cheesesteak. It's sooooo worth the time to stop at the original before the game.

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                      I second the Schmitter. It can be had right near the left field foul pole and has the advantage of much shorter lines than places in Ashburn Alley. Quality varies. Sometimes it's every bit as good as Chestnut Hill; sometimes not. Interestingly, it's my observation that when the Schmitter is good, the Phillies win, and when it's merely fair, the Phillies lose. So have a Schmitter around the 3rd inning, and you'll know whether to leave CBP early and beat the rush. Of course, if you're a Mets fan, maybe things work backwards, or not at all.