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May 22, 2007 09:09 AM

any killer weekday lunch specials along the 210? (between 134 and 605)

anyone know of good lunch spots with killer weekday lunch specials somewhere off the 210? (basically between pasadena and monrovia). all cuisines welcome. a good chinese restaurant would be nice or a japanese joint. thanks in advance!

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  1. Tibet House in Pasadena has a really yummy lunch buffet for $6.99. The menu changes daily.

    1. Baldwin Exit, South to Duarte, 2 blocks south Moffetts Chicken Pot Pies! I forgot, AMAZING potato salad!

      1. JAPANESE:
        1) Kiyosuzi on Baldwin Ave has a great lunch special from Tues. to Friday (closed on Mondays). Sushi combo for around $6, sashimi combos and other combos under $10. Very good food.
        2) Maki & Sushi on Huntington Ave next to Sesame Grill has lunch specials also. Cooked items (tempura, teriyaki) for around $5 to $6. Combos with sushi and sashimi for under $10.

        1) Garden Cafe on Baldwin (HK-style cafe) have lunches starting around $5 with soup included.
        2) Tasty Garden on Baldwin/Duarte (HK-style cafe) also has items around $5.
        3) Chang's Garden (Mandarin-style) has lunch specials around $5 to $6 with soup and rice. It's on Duarte Ave in the Arcadia Supermarket plaza.
        4) Full House on Duarte/Golden West has great dim sum. I think almost all items are $1.88.
        5) Fu-Shing on Colorado by Target (Mandarin style food) has lunch specials around $5 per plate.

        1) Sesame Grill has lunch specials around $10. I think you can add an appetizer for $3 on weekday. The food has been going downhill, and I think it's mediocre. It's on Huntington Ave by 2nd.
        2) Old Spaghetti Factory has lunch specials for around $6 to $7 in Monrovia/Duarte.

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          What else is good at Full House, I will be by there this week and want to try?

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            Dim Sum is good there and they predominantly serve dim sum for lunch. If you like BBQ pork, chicken, duck, go into the food court, and the Full House BBQ Section in the food court has good bbq meat on rice dishes.

            For dinner, their seafood is pretty good. Their Peking duck special at $10 for a whole duck is a steal, and the rest of the menu is pretty excellent.

          1. Cabrera's Mexican Restaurant on Lake by Washington has great lunch buffet. Also on Foothill Shogun Japanese Restaurant in Hasting Ranch shopping area. Panda Inn also another yummy, try coconut Shrimp.