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May 22, 2007 08:59 AM

Duck yee fu won ton?

OK, so sharuf mentioned this in the won ton topic on the General Board.

"The won tons were fried, then covered with broth, then topped with diced roast duck, diced veggies, and covered in duck gravy"

Sad ... I don't even like duck, but now I want some.

Who makes it?

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  1. Don't know who makes it now, but 20 years ago, we used to get it at Sun Hung Heung.

    One time, my mom ordered enough for a party, so we brought down our own stockpot so they could fill it. YUM!

    1. You can get it at Lee Hou
      332 Clement Street
      (415) 668-8070

      1. rw- you can get the version w/o the duck (Hung To Yee Won Ton) at the place on the corner of San Pablo and MacDonald Ave. and at Uncle Wong's by Maggie's Coffee -- seems like you're in this area so these might be closer options.

        1. I would guess any good Chinese restaurant will serve yee foo won ton. As long as they serve roast duck.

          1. greetings, if you're in the mood for time travel back to old-fashioned Cantonese SF chinatown, try the version at New Wooey lo Gooey , 699 Jackson. Minimal frills basement place, good value, very elegant calligraphy on the wall menu when we were there last year. cheers