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May 22, 2007 08:44 AM

Grilling Quesadillas

Has anyone tried grilling quesadillas on a charcoal grill; if so, how were the results, do they get too charred to fold, how's the flavor compared to pan frying?

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  1. When I make quesadillas, I warm the tortillas, then put the cheese/other 'stuff' on only half, and fold over. . . so if you fold early enough, it shouldn't be a problem.
    I would think the charred flavor would add a delicious edge to them!! Yum!

    1. Definitely fold before you put on the grill, or put one tortilla down with ingredients and top with another tortilla. Keep an eye on it. Only takes a couple minutes. Flip when the cheese starts to melt. Yummy!

      1. A better, smokier version than pan frying. I usually use two tortillas rather than one and folding it over. Just heat the two tortillas for a minute on one side, flip one over, fill with cheese and other toppings and top with the other tortilla, warmed side in. Then cook until charred to your liking, flip, repeat. Then eat.

        1. During our brush with several hurricanes a couple of years ago, I used my grill for the few days we didn't have electricity. I did quesadillas on the grill. Best ones ever. The grill, even our gas one, imparts a bit of a smokey taste and the little grill marks give the tortilla some extra flavor.

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            I am not sure how to cut and paste a recipe from another site, but if you go to, there is an excellent recipe for Shrimp and Avocado Quesadillas. I usually cut the recipe in 1/2 and it makes about 16 wedges. I also use most of the seeds from the jalepenos for a spicy version.

          2. I've never made them on the grill, mainly because I think the buttery taste from panfrying is essential to good quesadillas. Mmmmm.... Butter....

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              Baste the outer side with butter and grill. Smoked butter great.