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May 22, 2007 08:33 AM

Tea and scones in Cork, Dublin, and Killarney

We'll be traveling to Ireland for the first time in the spring of 2008. I'm looking for a place to have scones & tea in Cork City, nothing fancy, but a good pot of tea and good scones. We'll also be in Dublin and Killarney -- in Dublin, Bewley's Oriental Cafe has been recommended, as well as Jam in Killarney. Any other suggestions? Thanks!


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  1. Jam in Killarney is really good, as is the one in Kenmare! The Farmgate Cafe in the English Market in Cork is a good spot, as is Bracken's in Paul St. I'm not sure what the story is with Bewley's in Dublin now - most of the old space is now a fish restaurant, think they only have a small area at the front selling tea & coffee - I'm not even sure if that. Maybe someone in Dublin knows?

    1. irishgirl,
      Thanks so much for the recommendation of these restaurants! I never saw your reply... sorry to be so late in thanking you, but I was just looking again, as we go to Ireland in March, and I saw your reply.


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        I'm not sure if they serve a tea, but the Muckross Park Hotel just outside Killarney is an upscale, lovely place and maybe worth a look-see. I haven't been there for a few years, so hopefully it's still as nice as it was.

      2. Queen of Tarts in Dublin (near City Hall) has wonderful tea and plenty of yummy treats and light food.

        In Cork, my favorite scones are at the Quay Co-op which is across the foot bridge at the bottom of the Grand Parade. The restaurant is upstairs from the is quite laid back and funky there (certainly not a tourist's impression of Ireland) but the people are lovely and the scones are addictive. Enjoy your trip!

        1. We traveled to Ireland in Sept. 2006 and did the lunch theatre at Bewley's. It was a simple rustic lunch very informal, excellent soup and bread, a beverage and dessert plus a live one act play for 15 euros each. We loved it! It was a refreshing break between museums. If you're spending the day in Dublin I highly recommend the lunch time theatre at Bewley's. Take tea at any of the (lots!) other places

          The thing we happily discovered was every village and town has at least one bakery, produce shop, and butcher and usually a very nice deli as well. We had great lunches and road snacks by buying local fruits, veggies, cheeses and cured meats and baked goods from these places in the morning before we set out on our daily adventures. And if you're lucky enough to hit a farmer's market the choices can be overwhelming.

          Just remember to pack along a bunch of plastic grocery bags in your luggage. You're expected to bring your own when going to the market. I was able to compress about a dozen into the cell phone pouch on my back pack. We also picked up a cheap paring knife and a roll of paper towels at the beginning of the trip.

          The pub food is awesome and the portions generous, the prices reasonable. We ate very well on both our trips there. Sharing an appetizer and an entree in a pub for dinner was plenty of food for us and we're both hearty eaters. We found this site to be very helpful in our pre-trip planning:

          We also used this site to find local farmers markets in the towns we were passing through:

          Have a wonderful trip!