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May 22, 2007 08:28 AM

Bar Louie's Coming for all you Chicagoans!

I read in the Express Classifieds that Bar Louie was looking to hire servers, etc.. Is it true? Is Bar Louie coming to Chinatown/Gallery?!! I always said that was the one thing about DC that I didn't love as much as Chicago, my neighborhood bar. That was it. Please tell me I'm not dreaming!

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  1. Forgive me if I don't share your excitement...the last thing that area (or any area) needs IMHO is another big chain bar/restaurant. But yeah, it's coming...opening late summer / early autumn from what I've heard. I've only been to the one in Tampa...never to any of the Illinois maybe I'm missing something.

    1. It's opening June 11. I was in Gallery Place this weekend and saw someone sitting at a table waiting to interview people so I asked.
      I hope it's as good as you're making it seem!

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        Here's the website for the corporation. I'm sure it will be as wonderful as all the other ones in all the other places where they've opened all the other franchise operations.

        1. re: MakingSense

          I have been to one in Pittsburgh, and I would say it is not as good as Ruby Tuesday!!
          It is totally awfull..

      2. I went to a Bar Louie in burbs of Cleveland. While the wrap I had was pretty good (although that should be judged by the fact that I was working 18 hour days on a campaign and wasn't able to eat anything until around 8pm) I'm not jumping out of my seat about this addition. It seemed like a smaller version of what's already in the area---mainly Clyde's. Similar type food if I remember with lots of beer right?