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May 22, 2007 07:56 AM

A Voce or Little Giant?

Where should we go? Which dishes would you suggest? tia!!

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  1. unfortunately, i've never been to little giant, so i cannot compare. i love a voce though and would highly reccomend the sardinian sheepsmilk ricotta appetizer, duck meatballs and the bomblioni for dessert.

    1. I also like A Voce a lot. On top of what kesues suggested, I recommend any homemade pasta or pasta special that they have. Last time I had their ravioli and it was amazing!

      1. Went to Little Giant last night and had a great time. Small bistro type feel, cool indie tunes in the background and delicous seasonal menu. Only uh-oh moment was when we asked our server for a wine recommendation and she clearly had no idea what to do. Strange considering wine is an obvious priority at LG.

        That said the service, food and wine were all top-notch. Cost was $100+tip for one app, two entrees, one dessert and a bottle of wine.

        Swine of the Week, the pasta dish with ramps and kielbasa were both great. The "Milk and Cookies" dessert was a nice finish too.

        Hope this helps.