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May 22, 2007 07:51 AM

Jim is it possible for each boro to get their own board in this section?

It would mean a great deal to Brooklyn & Queens. It would make things alot easier when researching a particular boro for chow. Please consider this. Thank You.

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  1. Thanks for asking fcara. Breaking out, at least, Queens and Brooklyn would be a very good thing.

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    1. re: jennsch

      here is a need for a number of additional city baords. Vegas. Atlanta. Miami. Dallas. Houston. Minneapolis-StPaul. and no one understands the need for an Austin Tex board.

      1. re: MarkG

        Hey, guys. I agree on all. One thing to bear in mind is that once you get into redoing geographics, you see that it's Fractal Aggravation (to coin a phrase). I.e. no matter what you do, no matter how you drill down, there are still unavoidable headaches and logical inconsistencies.

        That's not a reason not to fix the more gaping geographical problems, though. I'm just sayin'....