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Farmers' Market opening date?

Anyone know when the markets are opening, especially the Copley Square one?

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  1. city hall square opened yesterday. heard it was lame.

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      Frankly, the first couple of weeks do tend to be lame - it's really too early for much of anything except some lettuces. Still, it's great to know they've started up again!

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        yeah, there's always a couple weeks of rhubarb, early lettuce and seedlings before it starts to pick up. but it's nice that they're back at all.

        1. re: passing thru

          is there really rhubarb out? I wish the person who grew it still worked in the lab. I've got a great easy cake recipe.

          1. re: Joanie

            it should be out there soon in the farmer's markets if it isn't already....russo's has it in, i made strawberry rhubarb crumble this last weekend.

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              This weekend Wilson Farms had huge masses of their own rhubarb. I didn't pick any up, but it looked perfect.

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              Rhubarb at Davis Square today, and bags of spinach. That's about all I saw for fresh fruit/veg -- the rest was potted herbs, etc. One bread stand which I didn't recognize the name of and can't remember now.

              Bought some river rock farm beef and some goat cheese and said hello to the fresh mozzerella lady.

              Baby steps.

        1. Looks like Copley opens on May 22 -- wait, that's today! Here is a link for farmers' markets in MA. http://www.mass.gov/agr/massgrown/far...

          1. Yep, Copley is today.

            Race you to the goat cheese picnic at the Crystal Brook Farm booth.

            1. Went to Central Square market yesterday - just two bakeries (Hi-Rise and Big Sky - hope Big Sky isn't replacing Breadsong, as they're not nearly as good) and Hutchins Farm, who just had some vegetable plants in pots. Things should pick up (more vendors, more vegetables) in the next few weeks.

              1. Charles Hotel / Harvard Square on Sunday had Carlisle Cheese, River Rock farms (pastured, grass-fed beef), Hi-Rise and a potted herb stand.

                Things really start getting going by July, but these early vendors can always use the support. IMHO, it's fun each week to see what new stuff has arrived. Great part of the weekend routine.

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                  A Sunday Market? Can you elaborate exact time and place? I was only aware of the Central Square Market. thanks!

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                      Thanks gini, I needed to clean my reading glasses. And thanks edgrimley for brightening my weekend routine. I never feel like going to the Brookline F M after work on Thursdays- I'm a weekend shopper.

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                        Hee. The one on the South End on Sundays is fun too, but has more of a feel of a yard sale than a true farmer's market.

                2. Just walked by the Copley market. Most of the usual suspects were there: Iggy's, Herb Lyceum, Siena Farms. I suspect that many of the veggie-only farms, like Atlas, probably won't be showing up for a few weeks, once berries start going.

                  There were a couple new arrivals. One was a stand selling fudge sauce, and the other was a bakery that was only selling pastries/pies/tarts.

                  The setup is also different, with a line of farms on each side of the park rather than wrapping around that one side near the Fairmont.

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                    The fudge sauce stand was Lizzy's Homemade - I'm guessing the same as the ice cream place in Harvard Square & Waltham? The bakery stand was Tatte (website under construction: http://www.tattecookies.com/) and looked amazing but pricey.

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                      I found myself in the area yesterday, so I walked by the Copley market, just to check out the new layout. It was late, so most of the stuff was gone/wilted, but I was astounded. One booth was selling arugula for $4 for a 1/4 pound!

                    2. Can't wait for Davis Square to open tomorrow ... it's a loooong time until Union Square opens. June 9 seems so far away.

                      1. The online listing says Dewey Square should have started on 5/21. Walked by that day (not knowing the market was supposed to begin) and there was nothing except for the fruit stand guy with the thatched cart who is usually under the Boa building.

                        I'm hoping on Thursday, but anyone know for sure?

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                          I went to the city hall market late yesterday. It was pretty lame, but I found some pea tendrils which were fresh and delicious.

                        2. New one in Medford Sq., opens 6/21, Thursdays 2-7. That's the extent of my knowledge.

                          1. Brooklline Farmers' Market opens June 14 behind the Coolidge Corner Theatre and accross the street.

                            1. For anyone in the Metrowest area, Lexington opens June 12 and Newton's Cold Spring Park opens the first Tuesday after the 4th of July. The Land's Sake farm stand opens mid June. Still a bit of a wait.

                              1. <http://www.mass.gov/agr/massgrown/far...> has a comprehensive list of state approved farmer's markets and their open seasons. I walked very briefly through the Davis Square one as it was closing this past Wednesday, and it clearly isn't quite what it's going to be -- Kimball Farms wasn't there with their consistently wonderful heirloom tomatoes yet, but I did find a cheese shop that had a ginger flavored goat cheese that I think would work wonderfully as a dessert spread!

                                1. FYI, new Thursday Kendall Sq market starting this week:

                                  Starting June 7, Kendall Square will host a weekly Farmers Market on
                                  Thursdays from 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. The market will provide fresh, local
                                  produce directly from farmers to employees, visitors and residents through
                                  Nov. 1.

                                  The mission of the Kendall Square market is to provide individuals the
                                  opportunity to buy Massachusetts-grown and produced products and support
                                  local farmers and specialty vendors. The market will coincide with the
                                  Berklee Jazz Concert series held at noon in the North Plaza of Kendall
                                  Square. Each week, visitors can gather with friends or co-workers and listen
                                  to live music and shop for fresh, locally grown vegetables, fruits, cheeses,
                                  maple syrups, baked items, flowers and handmade crafts.

                                  Vendors include Crystal Brook Farm, Five Loaves Bakery, Grateful Farm, Lanni
                                  Orchards, Linabella's Gourmet Garlic Farm, Panorama Bakery, Sauchuk Farm,
                                  Signal Rock Farm, Sweetest Memories, Taza Chocolate, and Warren Farm and
                                  Sugarhouse. Local craft vendors and community groups are welcome to join.

                                  *The market will be at 500 Kendall St., off Third and Athenaeum streets.*
                                  *Metered and garage parking is available. For more information, call Rose*
                                  *Fisher at 617-577-7354 or e-mail rmfisher@m-g.com <mailto:rmfisher@m-g.com>.*

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                                    another good site for finding farmer's markets (among other things) practically anywhere in the 48:
                                    Great resource if you're traveling, etc too.
                                    Very excited to hear that the farmer's markets have finally started.

                                  2. Harvard's opens this week.