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May 22, 2007 06:40 AM

Business Lunch in WEST HAVEN, CT

I am looking for a recommendation for a fine dining establishment in or very near West Haven, CT. My boss and I will be entertaining some clients near their offices and would like to take them to a very nice/ power-lunch type of place. Price isn't a concern so much as food quality and atmosphere.

Your advice is much appreciated.

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  1. I would go into New Haven and go to either Union League (French...elegant), Ibiza(Upscale Spanish) or Zinc(Modern Upscale American)...all have websites..

    1. Try Sage grill nearby in New Haven, it's on the water and pretty swanky.

      1. Roomba on Chapel St. in New Haven is worth the trip from West Haven. It is a Cuban/Latin American fusion type menu - always very tasty.

        1. I would try jeffrey's restaurant in Milford..great food, service..and a beautiful spot..can dine outside on a comfortable patio too

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            I work in West Haven and, alas, it is a veritable wasteland for dining. There are a large number of very average Italian restaurants, a variety of of other ethnic places, but not much in the way of anything remotely upscale (especially when compared to the choices in the posts above).
            If, howeer, you don't want to leave West Haven, there are a couple of possibilities:
            1 - Duffy's....definitely not upscale - really an Irish pub, but they do have excellent sandwiches and a number of booths. It probably is West Haven's number one business luncheon spot.
            2 - Saray. A Turkish restaurant on Campbell Ave. No liquor license, but really wonderful food and very reasonably priced. It is quite large and they have done a nice remodel in the interior. We dine there frequently and have consistently enjoyed it.
            Sadly, there is not much else to recommend aside from the usual deli/sandwich shops