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May 22, 2007 06:14 AM

one waterfront in capetown?

Does anyone know if one waterfront is worth eating at now that Bruce Robertson has moved on?

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  1. Not as way out as Bruce's food but have heard good reports. Craig Patterson is doing well there

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    1. re: Caroline B

      Thanks. Sounds like it's worth a visit.

    2. It's still excellent. However, it sounds as though you'd rather just eat at Bruce's new restaurant, "The Showroom".

      I'd would recommend the The Showroom over one waterfront.

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        1. re: jibu

          I did not eat at OneWaterfront but I did have dinner at the Showroom recently and thought it excellent..the best upscale meal of the week.

          1. re: erica

            Since this post is almost a year old, would you still recommend
            One Waterfront?
            Any suggestions for an upscale typical regional restaurant would be greatly appreciated as well.

            1. re: erly

              Hi there-

              I was in Cape Town earlier this year (2008) and went to One Waterfront. It was one of the more memorable restaurants we'd eaten at in Cape Town and the Winelands.

              I have a quick report on my blog with some photos of the food:


              I've also reviewed most of the restaurants I went to in Cape Town. I hope you will find this useful! I wish there was something like this out there when I was visiting the country:


              1. re: mini_me

                Thank you Mini me,
                I am accustomed to active boards, and was surprised that there was no immediate response.
                Your meal looks great.
                Will definitely go to One.
                We are not going until the beginning of January, but it is our first time in S.A., and as a chowhound I wanted to know what to expect, and what to try.
                Much appreciated.

                1. re: erly

                  The food in cape town is really good with a focus on fresh healthy ingredients. Once you know the right restaurants to visit. You'll have a great time! :) Enjoy!