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May 22, 2007 05:14 AM

Kid-friendly Brooklyn restaurant for small party

I'm looking for a restaurant in Cobble Hill/Park Slope/Atlantic Ave area for a small birthday party that includes kids. It will be around 15 people and I'm thinking some place that has a courtyard would be good. Doesn't have to have kid-menu, just a place that would happily tolerate kids.

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  1. I'm thinking that Two Boots in Park Slope would be perfect. The place is very kid friendly and they have an outdoor garden/seating area. Good luck.

    1. Agree with Two Boots although maybe best for a kids party - it is sometimes overrun with children. There's also La Villa; plenty of food that kids like, but it doesn't have a garden.

      1. It's actually an adult birthday party, but want to include kids. I thought of Two Boots, but we live in New Orleans and so are actually looking for non-louisiana/southern food.
        Any other suggestions? We've also had Franny's on flatbush and Joya recommended. Any more thoughts? Thanks very much.

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          You might try the Union Smith Cafe, on the corner of Smith and Union in Carroll Gardens. They have a nice outdoor section in front and can also seat a large party inside. The food isn't spectacular, but is quite decent. There are pastas, burgers, seafood dishes, steaks - pretty much something for everyone. And they are kid-friendly.

        2. how young are kids? If you are willing to take a chance on the weather, try pit stop near the waterfront in cobble hill. Got big outdoor space, a kids menu, and lots of families. Food is french bistro/home cooking. Best if kids are 6-12 or so....