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May 22, 2007 05:05 AM

Good food near cal state long beach?

I'm transferring to Cal State Long Beach in the fall, but haven't really been in the area. I looked through the boards and so far I'm planning to try The Reef, Egg Heaven Cafe, Jongewaard's Bake n' Broil, Benley, Cafe Gazelle, Enrique's Mexican Restaurant, George's Greek Cafe, Belmont Brewing Company, and Picarelli's. If you think I shouldn't go to one of these places please let me know also. I'm looking for places that are "must go's". Bars would be nice too. Thanks!

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  1. As far as restaurants go you have a good start, Abar I might suggest is the House of Hayden, 421 E. 1st in downtown Long Beach. I has that Psycho rockabilly biker dive feel to it but at the same time its very clean,friendly and safe. Best martinis in Long Beach.

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      green field! all u can eat brazilian bbq and the lunch special can't be beat!

    2. Go Beach! Ok, near Cal State...

      Cha for Tea
      A "tea bar" where you can get a quick bite of asian food and boba (if you like boba). It is definitely a hot spot for Cal State students to study and mingle, being just 2 minutes away from campus.

      And you will be right near 2nd street in Belmont Shores, where Georges Greek, Open Sesame, Le Creperie, Biggs, Cafe La Strada, Aroma Di Roma, and Bono's are located (these are some of my favorites).

      Seal Beach is pretty close as well, just 10 minutes from Belmont Shores. On Main Street, there is a hole-in-the-wall called Nic's, which has a great breakfast burrito (that's all I've ever ordered), and a place called El Burrito Jr towards the end of the street. This place has pretty good Mexican fare for good prices. These are both very "local" places to eat at, so expect a very casual, laid-back atmosphere.

      Good luck, and welcome to Long Beach!

      1. Go Beach! Great start, there are so many more too. If you like sushi, go for Koi in Seal Beach, closer to you than some of the other places you listed, just over the bridge on PCH. Sit at the bar. If you want to try Cambodian, there is Sophy's on Anaheim.

        1. cool thanks a lot guys. i'll be trying out all those places.