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May 22, 2007 01:47 AM

sushi in Glasgow

Any suggestions for somewhere in the centre of Glasgow. Would like to introduce a sushi novice to the delights of sushi and other japanese food. Needs to be open at lunch time and preferably somewhere where we wouldn't need to make reservations. If it did a lunchtime bento box with a good selection. that would probably be ideal - thanks Pete

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  1. hey there, a reliable place is Ichiban on the same street as the modern art gallery on queen st. its upstairs and does bento boxes and sushi and noodle dishes. The quality of fish is ok not great. Another option is to get a sushi box for Mccallums the fishmonger at Finneston, the quality of the fish is much better and it can be eaten where and when you fancy..

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      Yes I'd agree with Ichiban .... my daughter and boyfriend eat there regularly. Best before the weekend in respect of fresh fish though!!

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        Thanks Rekha - we went to Ichiban. Although not exceptional by any means, it served this particular purpose well. We were able to construct an interesting meal using side dishes and a sushi platter. I heard rumours that the other branch is better (sorry can't remember which part of Glasgow that one is in.....)