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May 22, 2007 01:11 AM

Is Saveur magazine very good?

I've heard alot about it and was wondering...Is Saveur magazine very good?
I was going to get it for my mom she's just an average middle class mom.Do you think she would enjoy it or is Saveur too self-indulgent?I've heard it satifies a wide range of tastes.-thanks in advance.

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  1. It's a great reading magazine, not just for the food but also as a travelogue. And the photography is gorgeous.

    1. I would just warn that its recipes often require specialty items not available in your average grocery store--(at least *my* average grocery store in suburban NY)

      1. I used to have a subscription to it. It has its pros and cons. The pros are that the pictures and articles are some of the best around and there aren't too many adverts (compared to Gourmet, Bon Ap, F&W, etc.). The con is that, as aformentioned, many of the recipes are difficult because they do require odd ingredients (though this is a sign they are very authentic). For that reason, I've very rarely made any recipes from the magazine, even though I've really wanted to. In the summer they also combine say June/July and Aug/Sept. or something like that, so you don't get quite as many issues. If I were to pick out of all the food magazines, I would choose that one though.

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          I really like Saveur and subscribe to it. But I have to admit I don't cook from it very often. I just enjoy it for the same reasons others posted here. Great articles, lovely photography and inspiration.

        2. I subscribed when it first came out, and received it for a couple of years. I agree with other posters, it has it's strengths, but they are very different from those that I find in Cooks Illustrated and other magazine.

          1. My wife really likes Saveur, and prefers reading it over Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Cooks Illustrated, etc. The photography is stunning, and the editorial is well written. But compared to the other magazines, they tend to write about food and drink from around the world, and this is what is appealing to my wife and I. We often cook ethnic foods and try things that are different- so searching around for odd ingredients to make a dish authentic is fun for us, not a chore.
            If your mom enjoys travel (or just day-dreaming about it) and foods of other cultures, this would be right her alley, but if she wants to make basic American dishes from readily available ingredients, I would suggest one of those other magazines I mentioned.
            By the way, my (very conservative, very traditional, never travel) Mom really enjoys Cooks Illustrated. No advertising, lots of recipe testing (how to make the BEST chocolate chip cookies, etc) and kitchen gadget reviews.