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May 22, 2007 12:06 AM

beef stew and...

side dish(es)???

making a low-key supper for four people, thought i'd do a hearty beef stew with root vegetables (carrots, parsnips and potatoes).

the logical choice is to do a mashed potato side dish but there are potatoes already in the stew so... what to make? a rice dish? the problem with a rice dish is that my family is asian and they really don't appreciate rice that is not steamed in a rice cooker, made in the asian way.

i just can't seem to think of anything that goes with beef stew. help, please? thanks in advance.

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  1. I would serve a salad or some green beans or asparagus. With the potatoes in the stew itself, you don't really need a separate starch as a side.

    If you want something potato-like, you might think about mashed cauliflower.

    For me, personally, the beauty of a stew is that its an all in I'd go with a green side and leave it at that.

    1. Warm crusty bread ...
      Couscous ...

      1. A salad is always nice with stew. Having lived in Hawaii for the past 30+ years, it is hard for me to even remember the last time i had stew served without rice on the side - asian-style-rice-cooker rice.

        IMHO the subtle nutty flavor of brown rice is a great compliment to stew, but white rice works as well. As long as it is something your family likes already, why not?

        1. In the old days, before I worried about calories, I always served stew with egg noodles.

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            how about some kind of cornbread, there is all kinds of things added to cornbread
            that would go with beef stew.

          2. Beef stew NOT served over plain white steamed rice? I can't imagine.

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              I'm with coll on the egg noodles! My mum used to make it like that.