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May 21, 2007 11:09 PM

Yaqui's tacos

we have been going to rosarito for several years now, and absolutely love Yaqui's tacos. i believe that about 7-8 years ago, a poll in vogue magazine voted them the best tacos in the western hemisphere. i believe it.

last time we were down there (in march), senior yaqui told me that they are going to open a store in tijuana. anyone been? anyone know where it is? we are going down thursday and would love to check out the new location. thanx.

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  1. Tacos El Yaqui are perhaps the best tacos on earth. I've never had a taco that approaches the experience of that single taco. It's a must-stop location for me anytime I enter Mexico.

    If there's one in Tijuana now, I could stop in without hassling with the car - that would be a dream.

    Well, what's the deal, penguin?

    1. did go down. wound up going to rosarito and went to yaqui's twice. fantastic as always. took some friends from new york - they were amazed! also went to chaberts at the rosarito beach hotel - great wait staff, but terrible food, and to el nido - still remains one of my favorites. make sure that alfredo waits on you.

      the new yaquis is open in tj. we did not go, but were told that it is on "blvd fundadores" across from the catholic church. will find it and try it on the next trip. please let me know if anyone else checks it out first.

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        Thanks for the follow up! I've got perrones fever right now...maybe a border crossing this week.

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          Abolutely the best best tacos I've ever had in my life. I was in Rosarito for my brother's wedding and after a nightmare trip getting there my dad had to drag me down the sidestreets that lead to the restaurant. I can't believe I almost missed out on it by turning back. I ate there the following day for breakfast.

          The tortilla, the toppings, the meat and the smell are all individually the best taco components I've ever tasted and beyond description when put together.