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May 21, 2007 11:04 PM

Airport to Horsham

Two of us visiting on business from Berkeley/SF, arriving about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday (today your time now) and looking for a place to have a nice dinner en route to Horsham north of town. I'm tempted by Tre Scalini or other Italian, but don't see that OpenTable accepts reservations (not a requirement) and don't know if we can get in -- Osteria seems full. Any suggestions for a place that would be a reasonable stop for the trip? A little detour isn't out of the question, Italian a preference but not a requirement. Business expense on the less-expensive side, so it can't be outrageous. Thanks! (P.S.: a non-traveler will be checking this for us and making a reservation, so posts on Tuesday will definitely help us out!)

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  1. I recommend Blackfish (a BYOB in Conshohocken) modern American, not Italian but works for OpenTable reservations. Decent location for where you are going to be.

    1. Conshohocken is pretty out of the way...

      There's actually a really good Italian in Horsham called Ristorante Mediterraneo. And if you want to spend a bit less, across the street is Cafe Lombardi which is a personal favorite. No ambiance, very very good food. BYO, though, so I don't know how you feel about that.

      1. Osteria may not be out of the question, if you are willing to gamble a bit. I personally was there on Thursday, arriving at 5:30 or thereafter without reservations. The Chef's Table, and the back bar, as well as the outdoor patio are all non-reserved. I had no problem being seated (for a party of two.)