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May 21, 2007 10:57 PM

Bangkok Cuisine now Thai Passion?

Just saw out of the corner of my eye...any idea what's going on there?

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  1. Is that the place at Burnet/183? Seems like I went once and wasn't impressed. Was it good? What dish did you enjoy?

    Speaking of Thai changing hand I saw Sawdee is now somthing else--Subsin's maybe? I have it on my list to try. Sawdee is typical Austin Thai--undistinctive.

    1. Bangkok Cuisine is/was owned and operated by the owner of Thai Passion. I've always enjoyed their food, although it's a bit of a dead location in the evenings and weekends.

      1. They have an amazingly average buffet, which, amazingly, never seems to change day to day. It's been close enough to where I work the past few years that I go back every once in a while when I want something fast, but it's decidedly unexceptional.

        The staff seems to be identical to before the name change, as does the food.

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          I see, so it hasn't changed a bit. :)

          Too bad.