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May 21, 2007 10:53 PM

cheap good eats between medford/portland

the gf and i will be driving up the west coast up to seattle come late june...I will wake up in medford and drive to portland in one day...i'm assuming 3 meals + dessert snack + whatever else i get at wine tours/cheese tours (i suppose that is supposed to be another question on this board)

here's what i've learned ... portland is good for 1. microbrews 2. pizza 3. doughnuts 4. dessert...not a bad combo of stuff if you asked me

So if i was going to stay in jantzen north of portland...where all should i visit? travelling a bit isn't a problem seeing how everyone raves about the public transport

1. pix (the north portland location) for dessert /w gf
2. doughnuts: picking up some voodoo before leaving for seattle (bacon + doughnut = win)
3. any other good cheap eat? (entree < $18) and possibly microbrew as well...trying to do this as a dinner option
4. whats the best pizza place? i've heard bill's (greek style) and escape from NY?

lastly, any other advice on what else is interesting food wise between medford and portland?

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  1. Sounds like someone saw an episode of No Reservations. ;-)

    I'd say most of us locals actually consider Voodoo more of a novelty thing than a quality thing. But it is a fun place and it's not bad.

    Most of the brewpubs have mediocre food. I'd suggest searching out a place with some good beers, perhaps a smaller selection, but still enjoyable choices, and choose a place for the food primarily. Or drink at one place and eat at another.

    I've never even heard of Bill's. Googling I came up with several hits for Portland, Maine. Escape from NY is fine, but really more of a decent slice place.

    The best three, imo, are Apizza Scholls, Nostrana, and Ken's Artisan Pizza. The former is my favorite and does more of a NY/New Haven coal oven style pizza. Nostrana tried to make very classic Italian pizzas whereas Ken's is similar to Nostrana with some embellishments. The latter two both use wood ovens and make 12" pies whereas Apizza uses a very hot electric oven and makes 18" pies. Apizza can be very busy with rather long waits. Then again, Ken's and Nostrana can have decent waits, too.

    Another choice for pizza is Apizza in Stayton, about 10 minutes off I-5 just south of Salem. Very good, a bit cheaper than the places up here, and not near as busy.

    Personally, if you're not going to one of these four it's not really worth bothering to get pizza because you can probably get similar quality to places like Escape, Hot Lips, Bella Facia, Pizza A-Go-Go, etc, in many towns.

    Two of my favorite options on the way up are Big Stuff BBQ in Cottage Grove and Aiyara Thai Cafe in Springfield just off I-5 near the Gateway Mall.

    Pix is a very good choice. If you were to go to Apizza Scholls, Ken's Artisan, or Nostrana the Hawthorne and Division stores are both closer, however.

    There are plenty of other inexpensive eats in town. Just depends on what you like. Some quick suggestions to check out: Biwa, Pok Pok, Karam, Podnah's, Lagniappe, Autentica, Malay Satay Hut, Banh Cuon Tan Dinh, Pho Oregon, Bun Bo Hue, Wong's King, etc.