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May 21, 2007 09:21 PM

Riverside County Bday dinner Fine Restaurant

Visiting Riverside County, specifically Lake Elsinore this weekend and we are looking for an excellent restaurant with great food and service. Open to all cuisines and prices. Incidentally what are the best Mexican and Italian restaurants in the area? Best French? Contemporary? Indian? Middle Eastern? Thai? Chinese? I have eaten at the Mission Inn which was good and at the Wineries in Temcula which were good too, but looking for other possibities, NO Chains Please.

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  1. oh boy...tough area. Not to be mean but Lake Elsinore is not exactly a fine dining city. About 15-20 min away you can be in Corona...Napa29 is really nice and good.

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    1. New York Grill is pretty good. Right on the outskirts of Ontario Mills.

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        that's at least 30 min from Elsinore though