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May 21, 2007 08:55 PM

Chinese Islamic in South Florida?

I just came back from California, where I stuffed my face with banh mis and good Mexican food. One day for lunch, though, my friend took me to a restaurant near her house. The sign outside just said "Chinese Islamic," and inside I had the best, BEST Chinese food I've ever had, including a fantastic jellyfish appetizer and something called lamb in sa cha sauce, served on a bed of greens. I'll never go back to visit again without hitting that restaurant up.

Has anyone ever heard of a Chinese Islamic restaurant out here in South Florida? I live in Cooper City in Broward, but I'd be willing to drive to Miami or West Palm, and probably even Naples if the food was as good as the place in California.

If anyone knows anything, I'd definitely appreciate it.


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  1. what's the name of the restaurant? do you have a link so we can see the menu?

    1. Chinese Muslims (and their restaurants) are pretty scarce outside a couple of pockets of California and maybe Flushing, Queens. The good news is that the dishes you singled out are well within the regions covered by Pepper's, out in Pembroke Pines. It may take some assertiveness and eye contact to convince them that you want things prepared and seasoned they way they would for a Chinese customer, though. If you want any hope of accomplishing this on a first visit, do NOT order anything off their American menu, do NOT ask for noodles and duck sauce, and do NOT ask that things be made mild or that ingredients be left out.

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        Thanks, Hatless! I'll be going to Peppers this week to ruin my diet as fast as I can! And no worries, I would never dream of asking for an ingredient to be left out or making it mild. I want the real stuff.

        Miaedu, the name of the restaurant is Ma's Islamic Chinese. It's in Fullerton off of Orangethorpe. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a menu online, although I'm trying. If you're ever out there, you should give it a try. I really enjoyed it.

        Thanks again!

      2. This is supposed to be the best Halal Chinese in the area. I hope this helps, although some people say it isn't the best Chinese.

        Chen's Halal Chinese Food
        16732 NE 6th Avenue
        North Miami Beach, FL 33162

        But what about kosher? That's probably something California can't hold a candle to as of yet.

        China Bistro
        3565 NE 207th Street #A5
        Aventura, FL 33180

        Fu Xing - the Chinese staff even speak Hebrew here.
        1688 NE 164th Street
        North Miami Beach, FL 33162

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          Nice to know, but halal or Kosher Chinese (usually standard American-style Chinese or the similarly assimilated Indian-style Chinese, with kosher or halal ingredients and prep) is not what's being discussed here.

          The OP is talking about the food of the Muslim ethnic groups that live mostly in northern or southwestern China.

          Northern Chinese Islamic cooking is generally similar to the surrounding northern styles, albeit with more lamb and beef, still very different from Cantonese or Chinese-American cooking.

          The southwestern stuff is entirely different food (and languages and cultures), with more in common with Kazakh and other Central Asian cooking.