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May 21, 2007 07:29 PM

Upper West Side vegetarian lunchtime?

I am scheduled for a "sorry for being an a**hole" apology lunch with an ex-girlfriend. Her turf: the Upper West Side. Her taste: Vegetarian. Please help.

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  1. Nice Matin has a few delicious vegetarian options on the lunch menu (several pizzas and a wonderful platter of stuffed vegetables). It is a nice enough restaurant for the need you describe . . . .

    1. Telepan has an excellent prix-fixe lunch menu ($28 for 3 courses) and there are vegetarian options for each course (and if you call ahead to them they can prepare something based on your specific request). The decor is great.

      Jean Georges also has a prix fixe lunch that you can add additional entree for $12. Needless to say, both food and service are excellent. They are very accommodating about vegetarian requests. These two places should be "upscale" enough to show your sincerity.

      For more casual you can go to Landmarc which also has great food, though I find the place a bit too crowded and busy for your need.

      1. There's a Josie's on 74th & Amsterdam - it's got a lot of veggie options, but can be a little on the crowded side.