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May 21, 2007 07:24 PM


Tried Cube today for lunch with my two colleagues. Since it was overcast, soup sounded good. We ordered:

red velvet tomato soup
spicy chickpea soup
mac n cheese
asparagus & basil cream ravioli
spinach & ricotta ravioli

The amuse (a sample of cheese with dried cranberries & pistacios) was very nice, as was the bread (some kind of warm flatbread or maybe pita?). The tomato soup was wonderful; the chickpea was merely okay. None of the pasta dishes were anything to write home about. They weren't bad, although I thought the ravioli pasta was too thick. None of us finished our plate. I think it's weird that a place that showcases different cheeses does not have a knock out mac n cheese. Go figure.

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  1. right, 4 cheese mac n cheese, tasted like something out of a box, velveeta springs to mind. suprising cos the cheese plates they do are amazing.

    1. What is the price range like at this place? Thanks.

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      1. re: lizzyjk

        affordable, i think. cheeses are something like $3-$7 (most in the lower range) though you don't get a great deal so you have to order quite a few. on top of that the charcuterie is the same price. can't remember how much the mains are, remember seeing pizzas for around $10.

        1. re: lizzyjk

          The bill was $71, including tip for what we ordered. I thought that the soups were priced a bit high, considering it was a small cup of soup.