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May 21, 2007 07:14 PM

Scotch Pine Farm in Pepperell?

Has anyone ever eaten there that is on this site? I have read a few reviews but before driving out there I thought I'd get some feedback. Any help would be appreciated. It may also go by the nake "The Wee Little Tea House".

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  1. Hi there. We live near the Scotch Pine Farm and at one point were going there for breakfast every Saturday. The pancakes are my favorite. They are better than those at any of the other breakfast places we go to. They serve baked apples with every meal (shredded) and they are excellent. Also, there is a sausage ball (my husband called it a sausage boulder) that a lot of people love. The atmosphere isn't great and the seating is a little uncomfortable, depending on where you sit, but it's a beautiful drive (119 through Groton) and the food is really really good. They also have a little store that they've upgraded. They sell candles and etc. One thing to know...they close down Memorial Day weekend and don't reopen until September. The guy who runs it has a catering business that keeps him busy all summer. Bon Appetite!