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May 21, 2007 07:13 PM

Crabcakes to take on plane?

I'm meeting a couple of friends on the West Coast and wanted to bring a couple of maryland crabcakes as a gift for them. Any place that sells good crab cakes that can be kept overnight? Or am I better off just treating them to a seafood meal when I'm there?


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  1. G and M Restaurant in Linthicum packs crabcakes for shipping. My frined recently had some packed and took them with her to San Francisco. They kept perfectly safe and fresh for the trip.

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    1. re: Raokay

      The downside to that scheme is that at the end you still have G&M crabcakes. The upside is that they are so bready and dry that there's no chance of TSA calling it a liquid.

      Faidleys can do it. Go there.

      1. re: JonParker

        ha! ha! I was actually once on a flight and I saw someone with a box of G&M crabcakes, and I was sooooo like, why bother! You're bringing crabcakes across the country, taking valuable overhead space, and you went with G&M???? ;-)

    2. why not go for the best, and get them wrapped for travel from Faidley's?

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        Faidley's sells their crabcake mixture by the botle. When you arrive, add fresh crab and Saltine crumbs.

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          Is fresh blue crab meat readily available on the west coast?

      2. Thompson's Seafood Corner's would work, but you'd need to drive down Rt 5 to get them.

        1. I have sent crabcakes from Michael's Cafe on York Road many times - they actually pack for shipping - you could certainly get them to pack them for you to take on a plane. O'brycki's also packs. I think Michael's has really great crab cakes - all lump

          1. I was being somewhat facetious above, although in all seriousness you can do much better than G&M.

            But another question occurs to me -- with the restrictions on liquids, how do you plan to keep them cold on the plane? I once took some Andy Nelson's BBQ on a plane trip using those blue ice blocks, but I sure couldn't do that now.

            I know Faidley's (and a few other places) will pack them for shipping -- if you can FedEx them to your destination you should try it. Taking them on a plane may not be an option anymore.

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              Why dont you just buy some crabmeat pack it on ice for the trip and make them when you get there. I have a recipe that is amazing and so easy.

              Just an idea

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                I saw a piece last year or so about a lobster place in Maine somewhere that resorted to packing their stuff with bags of frozen peas so their customers could take them on the plane.