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May 21, 2007 06:31 PM

Downdraft stove?

Can you use a standalone downdraft in conjunction with a stove? Or do they only work for cooktops?

Here's the problem:
We have an old Thermador dual-fuel downdraft stove that recently died. Well apparently they don't make downdraft stoves any more. So we found out that nobody else is really making them either. We did try to buy a Jenn-Air downdraft stove, but hard to return it when the installer said the installation would cost more than the stove, because he would basically have to totally redo the downdraft/blower venting.

So we are wondering if we can buy a standalone Thermador downdraft, hook it up to the blower (fingers crossed that this won't require entirely redoing the venting as well) and then just slide-in any stove we want, probably a Thermador.



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  1. I have a Monogram downdraft cooktop. I shattered the glass on New Year's Eve. Happy New Year! Did a lot of investigation on the subject and found that yes a new downdraft is available and very expensive before installation, getting a new cooktop to use with the downdraft already in place was iffy. The controls to the downdraft were on the cooktop itself so if I got a different brand or style of cooktop an electrician would have to devise a way to allow me to operate the downdraft independently of the cooktop more $$$. If I ripped it all out and went with a different brand all together I'd have to replace my counter top too, more $$$. I ended up ordering the glass replacement available through GE and had the old glass taken off and the new installed. That with labor cost less than $500. I know that does not help with Thermadore but you might look at some other brand options.

    1. I believe I responded to something similar a day or two ago -- TO MY KNOWLEDGE there are COOKTOPS available that will match the 36" downdraft ventilators and there are 30" SLIDE-IN RANGES (as well as cooktops) that OUGHT to work with the the 30" downdraft ventilators but there are NO ranges/stoves available in 36" that will work with the 36" downdraft ventilators.
      Further, becuase of the various requirements of how /where the blowers and duct work need to be it is highly unlikely that you would be able to install a built-in oven underneath a cooktop and utilize the previous ventilation systems, though you could replace a slide-in range with a cooktop, built-in oven and HOOD...

      The basics of a slide-in range and not all that differeent than for a regular (or freestanding/footed) range -- both include the top burners and the oven. A slide-in is design to sit inside a piece of cabinetry. Typically this done to make it look better and perhaps gain a drawer underneath. Regular ranges generally will have feet that rest on the floor, and a 'backsplash" that rises over the burner by 6-10 inches. The differences in packaging mean that the CONNECTIONS to the gas & electic are considerably more complicated. In the typicall freestanding range those connectors are readily accessible , but covered/tucked away in the slide-in. In Chicago the Thermador people have actual engineers available to do some limited spec checking at the Bosch/Gaggenea/Thermador showroom. You might expalin your situation to them and see if there is another way to do what you want:

      1. I came upon your post looking for an answer to a similar problem. We also have 30" Thermador dual-fuel downdraft stove - which we LOVE. It is not dead yet, but we had to send the motherboard out to get refurbished last year - and it is showing signs of failing again (oven not always regulating properly).

        What did you end up doing?

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          We have the 30" Thermador dual fuel downdraft stove, too. Our motherboard is beginning to fail, and one of the burners doesn't work, and parts are no longer available. We are having a difficult time finding a replacement that fits in the space. What did you end up doing?