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May 21, 2007 06:22 PM

Kensington Organic Ice Cream location?

Does anyone know where the organic ice cream shop in Kensington is located and what days/times it is open? I can never seem to find it. Thanks!

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  1. It moved again...according to notoriously ahead-of-schedule Toronto Life, it's opening at 650 Queen West (in Hero Burger? in Miss Behav'n?) but there is no sign of it...yet.

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    1. re: Food Tourist

      oh that explains it. i wonder if it's still going to have "kensington" in the name! thanks!

      1. re: Food Tourist

        Even though I moved back to Toronto a few months ago. I miss the icecream at Kensington Market Organic Icecream...(well maybe also because I worked there two summers ago). The owner has moved the scoop shop near Queen West and Palmeston. There are probably going to be new flavor additions too, but the favorites-- rose petal vanilla and Lavender Blueberry will stay!

      2. If you're just looking for tubs of ice cream from Kensington Organic, you can buy them at the north St Lawrence market on Saturdays.

        1. It's supposed to open this week in the former garage of Hero just north of Queen off Palmerston.