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May 21, 2007 06:18 PM

strange Philly cheesesteak question

My parents have never been to Philly. Although I am not a fan of either, they insist on going to Pat's and Geno's just because. Here's my problem. My mother is allergic to cheese. Would she get kicked out of either place for attempting to order a cheesesteak without cheese? I've witnessed the rudeness at each establishment for people that order wrong, and don't want her to be publically humiliated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't think they would humiliate your mother. I think people typically order a steak all different ways. She shouldn't have a problem - I would tell her though to just order a steak with out cheese and not go into any detail as to why. Those places are so busy and touristy that an explanitation about an alergy might bring their patience to a breaking point. David

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      Many, many people get their steaks w/o cheese. As for whether or not that happens at Pat's or Geno's is another story altogether. I don't go there. Pats stinks, Geno's is slightly should really convince your parents otherwise. There are so many better steaks out there. If you gotta go to one........denying handing your money over to a certifiable numbskull creep like Joey Vento (owner of Geno's) can be the deciding factor to go to Pat's. Plus Pat's was the first, so there is history there.

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        Ordering "wit or witout" cheese is not a problem at either place. The problem is that both are mediocre at best. But you can go once and take in the scene. You sure you can't convince your parents to try roast pork?

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          Can you reccommend a good place for a cheesesteak? I'll be at a conference this weekend and would like to try this icon, but not if it's mediocre! My hotel is the Crowne Plaza Center City at 1800 Market Street. I'd appreciate any suggestions for good food nearby--either cheesesteaks or anything else tasty.

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            There are a number of best cheesesteak posts and one in the last few months so it is current. Any specifics on what kinds of food you are interested in?

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              I like all types, but I'll be with a group of relative strangers. I just don't want to end up at something like Red Lobster by default for dinner, So suggestions for something satisfying but not ethnic are welcome. Also looking for midrange dinner prices--under 35 for entrees.

      2. i've been getting steaks without cheese for years. (although i don't eat them nearly as much as when i was a kid). this "you need to order this way..." the "wit witout" stuff is new and largely media-driven, at least outside of a handful of spots.

        1. If I HAD to order at one, I'd choose Geno's for taste over Pat's.

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            Thanks 2 everyone for the advice. We went off without incident as both places offer just steak sandwiches. Although once my mom had it, she said, "I like Nick's Roast Beef 100 times better." I agree. Pat's may give more meat, but Geno's bread is softer and just a tad tastier. Tony Luke's tomorrow and another round of Nick's for the flight out.

              1. re: bluehensfan

                nick's is pure heaven! it is one of the places that i love to bring people when they visit philly. and they've been doing it so well and in such a small location for years, it is always a good experience.