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May 21, 2007 06:05 PM

Chowhound Review: Perigee dessert tasting

My favourite part of dinner is dessert so I was anxious to try the dessert tasting at Perigee in the Distillery District in Toronto, and so convinced my husband to take me there in lieu of a birthday dinner.

For $40 each we received a cheese plate + various breads, 3 main desserts, 3 amuse-bouches, and a few nibbles with the bill which we were too full to try. The cheese plate is optional so if you don't want it I assume another dessert will be served instead of it. The food was great, we both really enjoyed it. There were plenty of interesting flavour and texture combinations. The cheese plate and one of the desserts was shared between the two of us, and for the other 2 desserts and amuse-bouches we each received different dishes. Can't remember all the details of the food but it included lots of fruit flavours like mango, rhubarb, grapefruit, and pear ...different types of desserts like sorbets, panna cotta, pastries ... there was also a caramel souffle ... and the last course was chocolate-themed. Very filling so I would recommend a light, early dinner before such a tasting.

Perigee has a large open kitchen and we were seated by it. The head chef described the 3 main dishes for us so I felt like I was on "Iron Chef". Never been to the restaurant for dinner, but the couple beside us were having it (they only have tasting menus there) and it looked good too, with generous portions.

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  1. Interesting idea... is it only available recently (i.e. summer?). I haven't been back since I've had my child about 18 months ago, but recalled that the desserts were quite good.

    Did you have to book a table in advance, and do you have to go in after a certain time? Was there also any options for dessert wine/beverage pairings?

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      I'm not sure how long it's been available, but I believe it's an ongoing thing now. They take bookings at 9:30 pm or later ... I don't know if a reservation is essential but it's probably a good idea. They didn't recommend any special drink pairings but they do have a small selection of dessert wines to pick from.

    2. My wife and I had the dessert tasting over the winter. I think they've been offering it for quite some time. If I recall correctly, we received the breads with spreads, jam and honey, not cheese, and we each received 2 amuses and 3 main deserts (and just like dinner they made different dishes for each of us so we had 10 different items in total). We ordered it with the wine pairings, which if I recall correctly were an additional $25. The food and service were outstanding and we would definitely return. The sommelier picked some nice dessert wines to complement the food. I don't recall any of them being exceptional (but at an average of about $8/glass, I wouldn't have expected them to be). I think reservations are advisable since you'll be going for the late seating.

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        we've been there twice, once as a couple on valentine's, and once as a party of 8. i don't recommend going in a large group - our waiter really had a difficult time keeping up, basically got irritated and snotty, and the space just isn't the same somehow. i definitely recommend seats overlooking the kitchen, much more fun.