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May 21, 2007 05:51 PM

Sage American Kitchen LIC best lunch spot in Queens

Im interested to see if this gem is well know by the hounds. The only place Ive been that can go head to head is La Flor. Amazing baked goods and sandwiches at both places. Both serve killer coffee and have amazing entrees. heres the deal with Sage, they make soups that are great and rotate every couple of days. They have a lineup of stock sandwiches that are available daily and specials on salads, sandwichs, and entrees. Small place can sitdown but better for takeout. I have eaten there almost daily for lunch around 5 months now. Does it get any better than this place? Should I hunt for more. Im really pleased with this place and feel it should be well recognized. Dig in but they close early like 3 pm.

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  1. When I worked on Thomson Avenue in LIC, I ordered from Sage daily! Now I work in Boerum Hill and found Zoila to be a great substitute until they closed. Luckily, I went to a wedding at St. Bart's last weekend catered by Sage and I was psyched to be able to sample their work once again. I remember their sandwiches as thoughtful, filling, fresh, and tasty and I felt their hors d'oeuvres and entrees matched my expectations. I tried to find other places to eat in LIC, but always went back to Sage. They also run the cafes at the Noguchi Museum, PS 1, and Museum of the Moving Image. Have a barbecue chicken sandwich for me!

    1. Just adding to the kudos... I went to Sage today for lunch and I LOVED it! What a wonderful lunch option in LIC. I had the butternut squash soup (even on a 90 degree day it was amazing), a chicken baguette, and a red velvet cupcake-- I'm going to have to get a box of their cupcakes next time to try them all. It was moist with the most pillowy delicious cream cheese frosting. So happy to have found this place.