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May 21, 2007 05:39 PM

Ft. Collins/Loveland, CO Recs?

Looking for recommendations for fine dining and more casual but great food places in the Loveland and Ft. Collins area? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. OK, Dick, here's what I remember from 4 years ago. For as nice a town as Ft Collins is, they should have more good dining. Jay's was pretty good, Cafe Nicole was a real find (mostly catering but very good french country food), Lucille's for breakfast and lunch and Fuji for Japanese (not fancy, but good). Berthod, south of Loveland had a really good high end place, I'm not sure if its still there? And think about going up to Estes Park for a meal.

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    1. re: BlueOx

      We may be able to make it for lunch in Estes Park. Any suggestions?

      1. re: ddavis

        Fort Collins - Pulcinella has good Italian.
        Loveland/Berthoud - dddavis, are you perhaps thinking of the Savoy? If so, I believe that it's gone.
        Estes Park - We always go to Ed's Cantina after hiking, skiing, snowshoeing. Fine, casual, Mexican -- but not really Chowish. Avoid the brew pub at all costs. Just dreadful food.

        1. re: ClaireWalter

          I second that brew pub warning. I didn't think it was possible to screw up a cheeseburger, but these guys managed.

    2. When I traveled the area I frequented Charco Broiler more than any place else. Total retro steakhouse place that is open for breakfast. Food is good, prices are fair, service is old school solid. You're in beef as the Romans do.

      1. Fish in Fort Collins (


        Lucile's in Fort Collins

        Nicky's Steakhouse in Estes Park (

        La Chaumiere in Lyons (

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          Be aware that La Chaumiere is not open for lunch. Also, if ddavis will be in the Fort Collins/Loveland area, s/he will probably take US 34 to US 36 to Estes Park, which would make La Chaumiere a bit of a detour.

        2. The Rio Grande Cafe for mexican was a weekly ritual for us when I was at CSU.
          It was just as good when I went back last year.

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          1. re: kmarg

            I love the Rio for margaritas (they have a 3 margarita limit!) but it's not my favorite place for food. Unfortunately I don't have any recs up in Ft Collins but if you make it down to Lafayette Efrains is excellent!

            1. re: RobynS

              IMHO, no one knows (or cares) about the Rio's food, because the margs are so potent. There's one in Boulder too -- fortunately w/in walking distance of our house. Tortilla Marisa in Fort Collins has good Mexican fare, as do a couple of little hole-in-the-wall spots whose names I don't know.

              1. re: ClaireWalter

                Oh, so true! I've been to both the Boulder one and the Denver one and hear there is now one in Austin. A good Rio margarita would hit the spot right now!

            2. re: kmarg

              I compare every dish of chile rellenos to the ones I used to enjoy at the Rio. With black beans and rice? Can't get any better! One of my favourite memories is sitting outside by the fountain in the back, eating the rellenos, sipping a fabulous strawberry margarita (also the best I've ever had) and looking at the stars.
              Caveat: this was a few years ago, but I really hope things haven't changed that much there!
              Another Old Town rec from the recesses of my memory: Coopersmiths. Have a Horsetooth Stout and the artichoke dip. In fact, if you have time and like beer, definitely sample other microbrews from nearby microbreweries (O'Dells, New Belgium, etc).
              Breakfast rec: Silver Grill (if it's still there). Outstanding waffles (again, IIRC). Or, if you have time and want to travel out to the Bellevue/LaPorte area, Verns has the BEST cinnamon rolls ever.
              Man, I miss Ft. Fun!

              1. re: Chao

                Thanks to all of you for the recommendations. I'll let you know if I find anything good.

                1. re: ddavis

                  An acquaintenace just recommended a place called Monaco or Trattoria Monaco or similar on Fourth Street in Loveland for good Italian food and live music.

            3. Fort Collins...

              Second the rec's for Coopersmiths (good Jalapeño beer), and Silver Grille for breakfast (love the Cinamon Roll Toast).

              Very chow-worthy, and not to be missed is the Pickle Barrel for unbelievable sandwiches. It is a Ft. Collins Institution, and really great. It is on Mulberry just west of College.

              I remember Nico's Catacombs was a very nice meal. I didn't eat there many times, as I was a poor college student, and couldn't afford it.