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May 21, 2007 05:36 PM

Sweet Potato with orange juice....Looking for recipe

I am looking for a recipe I had about 4 years ago at thanksgiving. A friend of a friend of a friend made it. Loved it. It seemed like it was sweet potatoes that were pureed with OJ and put back into the orange shells and baked. They were topped with mint. So yummy.

Anyone know of it?

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  1. Lulu, that's what we do with our whipped sweet potatoes except that we don't put them in the orange shells. What a good idea!

    I don't see why you can't wing this one: bake big orange-flesh sweet potatoes on a cookie sheet at ~350 til they're sagging and some juice is pooling under them, scrape them out into a big bowl, add melted butter and frozen orange juice concentrate (most orange flavor w/the least liquid) to taste. Mix in some fresh or freeze-dried orange peel if you like. Nutmeg and Chinese Five-Spice seasoning go well in sweet potatoes. Salt and pepper to taste.

    Fill your orange cups, brush some melted butter on top (and how about a sprinkling of Demerara sugar?), reheat in oven. Garnish w/a sprig of mint (I guess to look like the leaves on the orange?) .

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