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May 21, 2007 05:00 PM

Cheap but hound-worthy in LA?

New to LA after living in Atlanta. Have lived here before, so I know there are plenty of pricey hot spots. But I need tips on economical Mexican, Thai and Cuban, and any other budget-friendly eateries not in these categories. Thanks in advance.

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  1. A couple of Mexican places that I recommend are:

    Taco Mesa in Costa Mesa

    Rosarito # 2 in Pasadena on Lake Avenue near Orange Grove

    You can eat well at both of these places for under $10 (meal, drink, tax and tip included).

    1. Welcome to economical ethnic food paradise, my friend. Where in the city are you looking?

      1. Mexican: all Senor Fish locations; Tonny's in Pasadena; Birria Jalisco #1 in ELA; Yuca's
        Thai: Krua Thai, Sanamluang, Vim, Yai, and Ruen Pair

        My wife and I have trouble spending more than $10 a person at any of the above.

        Not so sure about Cuban, somebody else will handle that. Where in Los Angeles are you?

        Don't forget to try the absurd number of world-class Chinese places in the San Gabriel Valley. You might accidentally spend $11/head but it will be worth it ;-)

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          Almost forgot: Ma dang gooksoo in Koreatown: $7 for a bowl of hand-pulled noodle soup (with anchovies, kimchi, chicken, or 'other') or bibimbap which will almost certainly suffice for another meal from the leftovers.

          Daikokyu or Shinsengumi for ramen noodles

          Golden Deli for Vietnamese (pho, bun, banh mi, cha gio, etc.), cheap and fantastic

          There are a few others that I'm overlooking in this city of 18 million people... ;-)

        2. LA's a big place and it's absolutely chock full of cheap, ethnic wonderfulness (though our Cuban is not exactly Miami-worthy). If you're in the 562, 626, 714 or 818 you are in Cheap & Ethnic Paradise... so tell us where you live and we'll give you real suggestions.