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May 21, 2007 04:49 PM

Party w/ appetizers and music on the Westside

I'm trying to organize a party for about 30-40 people on the Westside for Saturday, June 9th.

We want a place that has a hip, clubby feel but also that could provide a semi-private room for heavy appetizers and cocktails. Would strongly prefer a place that has good music -- live or DJ -- and a dance floor.

I know there are a bunch of places in the Hollywood are but was hoping to find someplace closer to Santa Monica. But really anywhere on the Westside would work.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. have u looked into busby's in santa monica? we go there pretty often for games, dancing, eating, etc....

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    1. re: kinipela

      Yeah, I went to a college alum function there and it was fun. The ambiance is more "cheesy pub slash castle" than "hip and modern," but it would work well for 30 people and the food's not bad in terms of classic bar fare.

      1. re: Pei

        Holly's West on Wilshire and 25th may fit the bill. You won't have your own room but you probably could get a section of tables roped off. the dance floor is small.

        My other suggestion is a place without a dancefloor and that is next door at the Wilshire. There's an outdoor sunken bar patio with several tables. I have no idea what minimum they'd want from you for them to rope off that area for your group only. I went to a birthday party there and enjoyed the food, drinks, and environs.

        And perhaps my favourite bar in SM is right across 25th--Casa Escobar. It's neither hip nor clubby but they pour great drinks, don't gouge you, and have a cheesy piano player that takes requests. It's very difficult not to have a good time there.

        1. re: Wolfgang

          Holly's is so small that a group that big on a Saturday would pretty much be impossible, I think. But I love your idea for Casa Escobar! It might be my favorite bar in Santa Monica too. It's definitely not hip in the traditional LA scene-y sense, but it's so much fun, especially when the lounge singer is there on Saturday nights.

          Another place to consider might be Bufflao Club. I've seen large parties on the back patio and they usually have live music or a DJ on the weekends. Or at Warszawa you could pretty much have the whole back patio to yourself. I don't know if they serve food from the restaurant back there, but when I was there a few weekends ago, they had allowed the party back there to set up their own taco grill back there.

    2. Air Conditioned fits the bill to a T. Either location - but Lincoln has a great semi-private room and a fantastic d.j. as well as great apps.

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      1. re: yogachik

        Thanks so much for this rec. I stopped by there last week and it's a perfect configurationfor us.

        I'll report back after the event.

        1. re: okie

          Glad to hear it - I thought of it immediately, have been to some great parties there.

          1. re: okie

            I know you're set, but if for some reason it doesn't work out, consider The Velvet Margarita on Cahuenga.

        2. Nikki in Venice would work. They have a full menu with plenty of apps and mains (some better than others). It is lively and by the beach so there's always a fun crowd. They clear out all the tables after 9pm and have a dj.

          I can't recommend the food at Air Conditioned, it's pretty awful but the place is fun.

          1. james beach in venice has private rooms and decent munchies. not sure about the live music.

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            1. re: woofer

              Both James Beach and Canal Club have private rooms and decent food, but no music or dancing.

            2. We had the event last night at the Venice location of Air Conditioned and it came off very well. We had the semi-private room in the back which was about the perfect size for 30 people, although it was incredibly dark -- a couple people actually stumbled over the furniture! But it was funny more than anything else.

              I ordered a variety of appetizers and the Tuna Tartar Sliders were a big hit as were the fries, which were a mixture of regular and sweet potato served in a huge martini glass.

              We started about 8 and had almost the whole place to ourselves but by 11PM it was so packed you could barely move through the room. But it was a very fun vibe and a great crowd with a pretty good DJ.

              For those of you that don't know the venue, it's just has a old-style yellow sign on the top that says "club" and it's right up to the street on Lincoln, just south of Rose on the west side of the street. Once you enter, it's a whole other world of red naugahide walls and a colorful bar. Very slick decor and totally unexpected from the outside.

              Thanks again for all the recs -- the event was a big hit.

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              1. re: okie

                I'm glad your event went well!

                Air Conditioned is fun, it's good to have a proper club in the neighborhood. I'm not a fan of the food, but luckily there's the awesome La Oaxaquena truck parked right outside for late night munchies!