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May 21, 2007 04:47 PM

Addis Red Sea in Cambridge is Open

Just wandered by about 15 minutes ago and the restaurant is open and rather full on a Monday night.

They don't seem to have the more elegant decor of the South End branch in place, (much more of a casual Cambridge feel, except for thick, velvet curtains in the windows) nor is the menu yet posted outside.

I am sure an intrepid Hound will report soon if the quality of cuisine has transferred across the River....

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  1. Sweet! Thanks for the notice.

      1. You mean it isn't cluttered with the exotica of the S. End original? That's half the point, isn't it?

        1. Addis Red Sea (1755 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, phone 617-426-8727) has been open for several days. Right now they are only open evenings, not clear what start time (the wait person I asked seemed uncertain as to whether they opened at 4 p.m. or 5 p.m.), but the time will be expanded soon -- I think they plan to open for lunch in a week or two, so it's worth calling to ask their hours.

          They also don't have take out menus yet, and it sounds as though the menu will be expanded. No combinations are listed on the menu, but people who ask about combinations are told that they can order a vegetarian combination, with four choices from the vegetable dishes on the menu, costing $14 or $15. It's not clear whether there is a meat combination, but what is clear is that if you want vegetable items, you can't substitute to get one meat item and, say, two vegetable items on a combination plate.

          Since I was by myself and wanted something vegetable and something meat, I went along with the waitress's suggestion to order one of the each from the lower cost vegetable and meat items. Both of the things I got were on the mild side, Yebeg Alcha, a lamb dish (which had an asterisk implying it was hot, but it wasn't), for $8.95, and Gomen Wot, collard greens (which was not spicy at all), for $7.95. There turned out to be two side things -- some plain lentils, and some fairly plain cooked cabbage. Everything was served, of course, on injeera, which seemed milder and fluffier than I've had elsewhere -- it absorbed the sauces very well. Everything tasted great, and there was a good amount leftover (as I had hoped, given that I had been stuck getting two main courses to have any variety).

          I think the restaurant is beautiful (but I haven't seen the Boston location, so I can't compare), with pleasant background music. There's only one low table on the main floor, but there may be other low tables on the lower floor (for myself, I was perfectly content with a regular table at a banquette).

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              Do they have a beer/liquor license yet - and do they have tej?