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May 21, 2007 04:46 PM

Pre-theater Las Vegas dinner

Hi, My family of four is coming to Las Vegas this weekend and going to the 7:30 "O" show at the Bellagio. Has anyone tried the prix fixe pre-theater dinners at the Bellagio, and, if so, what do you suggest....or think we should avoid??? Any other nearby food would be great too. Does the Patisserie at the hotel make savory crepes? Can they serve as a light dinner, or is this place just a grab and go snack stop? Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. Jean Phillipe does make savory crepes. We've only stopped there for a snack. THe crepes are certainly big enough to fill you up until the show is over but there isn't much seating.

    Don't have much experience with the restaurants at the Bellagio. The only one we've been to was Michael Mina and we were underwhelmed.

    1. try olives or noodles for light dinner.

      1. I have eaten at Fix and generally liked it; they do a pre theater dinner that is reasonable and of course you can always order off the regular menu.