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May 21, 2007 04:41 PM

Drinks and Apps For Girls Night Out

Any suggestions for cool vibe, good drinks and appetizers that's not outrageously expensive in Central Phoenix to Scottsdale area?

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  1. In Scottsdale...Hotel Valley Ho and the Mondrian come to mind.

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    1. re: iwannaeat

      AZ 88 and Furio are also fun for inexpensive food and great cocktails...if you can get to Furio for Happy Hour even better! Discounted Drinks and apps....pretty setting!

      1. re: ciaogal

        I second Furio for what you're looking for. They recently remodeled it to expand the patio and open up the bar area. I love that place!

        1. re: ciaogal

          Third vote for Furio - awesome happy hour and a great atmosphere that is conducive to good conversation.

          1. re: azhotdish

            anything further on furio in general? dinner? the menu looks interesting. thanks!

            1. re: ccl1111

              I like to try different entrees whenever I end up at Furio, but always mostly get the chicken just so I could have the roquefort's to die for! Try the mussels and clams appetizer too. =)

              1. re: ggdinero

                roquefort risotto!?!?! that sounds awesome. we're risotto freaks so that sounds wonderful.

        2. re: iwannaeat

          I don't think the Mondrian quite fits the drinks/apps bill....the bars there, to my knowledge, aren't really known for food, and they are fairly expensive; not even sure they serve any food at all.

          AZ88 is a good suggestion. Also, if the weather isn't too hot, The Bungalow at Scottsdale and Stetson has a nice relaxed vibe and good food.

        3. Definitely try Lola's Tapas on Camelback and ...what, maybe 8th street or so? On the north side of the street. It's community seating, so you might actually get to make extra friends while your there. The sangria is good (I liked the red better than the white).

          Postino is also a great option for wine and delicious bruschetta. Get there early and scope out premium seating.

          I'm really looking forward to my trip to Phoenix in July! Have fun with the girls.

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          1. re: geg5150

            Yes, Lola's is at 8th and Camelback. I agree that it's a good choice, along with Postino -- as long as the definition of drinks here does not include martinis and other cocktails. Both, I believe, serve just beer and wine.

            Likewise, I think the Roosevelt Tavern downtown in a great place for drinks and light eats, but again it is limited to beer and wine. Not a problem for me, but for some "drinks" means cocktails.

            1. re: silverbear

              I love Lola's Tapas, and I think they serve at least a few "cocktails" too. I had a signature drink of theirs a couple months ago that was vodka and pomegranate juice. Pretty good, but their sangria is better. :) My sister especially loves their red sangria. I'd never had cinnamon in sangria before, but it is surprisingly delicious. My sister also has a massive crush on the bartender there.

              Furio must be fun, I've never tried it. People on the forum seem to like it. Don't they have $5 martinis and manicures on Monday nights like Amsterdam? Amsterdam doesn't have much food, and it's ... alternative ... in nature. Might not be their thing. But it's my favorite on Monday nights.

              The Roosevelt is really fun. I do think they serve just beer and wine.

              The Village Tavern in North Scottsdale has a great happy hour. They have this cold plate for around $5 that includes brie, in-house smoked salmon, beautiful huge shrimp cocktail, fruit, and garlic toast points. They also have some fun specialty martinis on the menu and a decent wine list, from what I remember.

              1. re: cowateni

       are right....Village Tavern has some great Happy Hour Specials....
                They now offer a cold plate a fried plate of onion ribbons, chicken tenders, spring rolls and their homade potato chips as well as a half rack of ribs for $7 and fish tacos and cocktail and wine specials! Tapino Wine bar also offers $5 plates and glasses of wine......
                Another fun Thursday night spot is Devil's Martini in No. Scottsdale 2 4 1 drinks and 5 appetizers for $12....the mussels and the calamari are fabulous.....

                1. re: ciaogal

                  I'll have to check out Furio next sounds perfect. We ended up at Blue Wasabi which was great, but I am gald we got there early, as they don't take reservations and it's not a huge place!
                  I love some of the other suggestions like Lola Tapas, Postino, and AZ 88, but we wanted something different than our usual haunts!
                  Thanks for all of the suggestions!

          2. I'd suggest Tapino on Shea, just west of Scottsdale Rd. It's north Scottsdale, but it definately fits the bill for good drinks and apps.

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            1. re: ajs228

              ticoz is cute they do 2 for 1 sangria, margarita or mojitos 4-7 everyday. they are in central phx. the food is a 4 rating out of 10.

              1. re: drewb123

                I know, I know, this is just a chain restaurant, but when my girls and I want a "night out" and we don't want to have to get too dressed up, we go to Z-tejas at Fashion Square in Scottsdale. We never get the meals, but their chambord margaritas and appetizers are great.

                1. re: anakalia

                  Kona Grill across the street is a good option too.