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May 21, 2007 04:35 PM

Le Gourmand - Seattle

Looking for some updated reviews of Le Gourmand in Ballard.. I've heard both good and bad. Any takers? :) Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have to agree with Leper (who is much more eloquant than I)--Le Gourmand is consistently great, and I believe that Chef Naftaly has one of the largest talents and smallest egos around (granted, I don't know tons of chefs to really speak about egos, but he's so approachable . . . ) I'd say go, and be prepared for a relaxed yet consistently high quality French meal.

      1. I found (ymmv) Le Gourmand to be a pretentious restaurant which is lame in the conception, execution and presentation of its food and imo the worst of the local restaurants that aspire to the top tier of "fine dining". Not a good example of the best that Seattle has to offer. Not only that, with entrees at up to $50 and more, it is a ripoff (even compared to Canlis). I had the tasting menu at Le Gourmand and it was the worst tasting menu i've had in Seattle, or elsewhere. (Compare the tasting menu at, say, Chez Shea, which is the same price, and see whether you agree.) Go if you must, but don't get your expectations too high.

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          We actually tried Chez Shea a few months ago and loved it! Only problem is, you have to call several weeks in advance for a party of 4 to get a reservation there. In any case, we're making our way through some of the French restaurants of Seattle and Le Gourmand was on our list.

        2. I've only been to Le Gourmand once and while I remember having enjoyed it at the time, I honestly can't recall anything about the meal... granted, it was probably almost a year ago, but for as much money as I spent I expect it to be more memorable.

          1. i recently went to le gourmand with a friend and was, firstly, amazed at the small crowd on a friday night - how is the man surviving? we found the service incredibly gracious; our waiter spent a good deal of time explaining every item on both the regular and tasting menus. the food was, without exception, as fine a rendition of classic french as i have ever been served but with the use of local ingredients (black cod rather than sea bass, caribou rather than beef, etc.). silver and china appeared and disappeared almost magically and our wine glasses were always filled to just the right level (we told the sommelier of our preference for fruity over dry and he chose a pinot blanc and a merlot that were both delicious and affordable). i could be forced to complain that there seemed to be an overabudance of cream but that is surely a hallmark of classic french cuisine. i will be back with friends who appreciate straight-up french cooking.