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May 21, 2007 04:25 PM

Champions League Final + Beer

So I'm looking for the optimal place to watch a soccer game wendnesday around noon, someplace with good viewing of large TVs, outstanding beer, and quality food, I live in Silverlake and I'm meeting a friend who lives in Marina Del Rey, anyplace inbetween would work, any suggestions?

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  1. The Cock & Bull in Santa Monica (2947 Lincoln Blvd) always shows the games -- I believe it's owned by a Liverpool fan, so there will be plenty of Scousers there. It's a great atmosphere for footy and they serve traditional English fare, include breakfast.

    1. Well, the best place in town, in my Anglophilic opinion, is Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena, which has an incredible beer selection and lots of soccer-dedicated TVs/screens. But it's hardly convenient from Marina Del Ray.

      The reds are coming up the hill, boys,
      The reds are coming up the hill, boys,
      They all laugh at us, they all laugh at us,
      They all say our days are numbered,
      Born to be a Scouse,
      Victorious are we,
      If you wanna win the cup, then you'd better hurry up,
      `Cos Liverpool FC
      Glorious, victorious

      1. Rudolpho's in Silverlake has 3 plasma TVs, a big wooden bar, and a few good beers on tap. Food is good too. You'll have to call to see if they are open during the day.

        1. Come on you Reds! I hope it's just as thrilling as the last time L'pool played Milan.

          Keep in mind that some places may be charging a cover also. Call ahead.

          1. A good sports bar and good food? Usually you can get one but not the other!

            I believe the game starts tomorrow at 11:25 on ESPN2, so the chances of a cover charge would be slim everywhere unlike the F.A. Cup final last Saturday which was broadcast by Senetana (satelite) which had a mandatory $20 cover charge.

            Century City looks half-way between MDR & Silverlake. I made this post about viewing March Madness:


            Corrections - There are 2 sides of that Bar triangle outside and 1 or two seats at the end of one of the 3 sides doesn't align right for perfect T.V. viewing, but the rest do. You could grab something to eat elsewhere in the food court first; or at "Bread Bar" on the first floor under the theaters.

            The Cock-n-Bull will definetly have it, and they might be showing it on their 10-12 ft. project screen. The food?

            F.Y.I. - The bartender at Brit's in Pasadena is also from Liverpool.