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May 21, 2007 04:14 PM

Vancouver and Whistler with a baby

My husband and I are going to Vancouver and Whistler with our 7 month baby and were looking for some recommendations. We are looking for places that are children friendly since the baby doesn't really eat that much adult food!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have a 7 month old myself and agree that most restaurants are fine with a baby this age, being the space for the car seat the main constraint in some places. One particular place that my wife and I like going to that is children friendly is the Tomato Cafe on Cambie. They are moving to Kitsilano at the end of the month so check where will they be when you're in town
      Other good places I've been to with our baby include Feenie's on Broadway, East is East (more casual on Brodway as well), Rangolis (Vij's casual cafeteria style place on 11th and Granville) and and they have all been fine. I only make sure I don't go at the time my baby is more fuzzy (most parents know exactly what time this is for their children) and I have always had a good time. Enjoy your trip.

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        Definitely agree with the above. Even in Yaletown where the clientele is typically of the trendier, twenty something types, I got great service with my one year old at a Thai restaurant. I am drawing a complete blank on the name at the moment. THe waiter pulled out not only a highchair, which I didn't anticipate their having, but a whole melamine dinner set with fork and spoon. He graciously filled my daughter's water tumbler after she snorkeled in it, and smiled as he scooped linen napkins off the ground. I was so impressed. And the food there is really good.

        Anyone remember the name? It is not the one associated with the Thai House chain (terrible). Very small, on Hamilton I think? Across the street from the Starbucks?